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March the 27th 2020, should be etched on Daniel Andrews headstone if he ever gets to have one, for before this is over the sheer immensity of what has been done under his watch would drive others to commit suicide. That he is walking the path that may well end in political suicide is not apparent to him looking from his viewpoint, because he has a mindset that tells him, it is all about maintaining control. I am the strongman, just as his political sisters in Queensland and New Zealand see themselves as. But you see Daniel is driving forward; there is no rear vision mirror that reflects the trail of damage that his stewardship has left in the wake.

Broken people, broken businesses, broken minds that have opted out because the pain and the strain have overwhelmed them. The 800 and rising death toll means nothing to Dan, who openly sent Best Wishes to those bereaved. Day after day, week after week, month after month we have been subject to a daily platform performance of the Grim Reaper with his freshly honed scythe that had been touched up with a slipstone, overnight.. The monotonous data, the monotonous, endless landscape of how he is going to remain the driver of this vehicle that is mowing down not only the people of Melbourne but like the virus itself, his own model is spreading far and wide rippling through neighbouring States and leaving the Victorian virus crippling the country as a whole.


Strongman Dan cannot look anyone ‘straight in the eye’, but what he has in his brilliant art of rhetorical manipulations, some would say his hallmark, but a hallmark that is torpedoed by his body language under pressure.

It was interesting watching today as he lectured assembled journalists, that we are not going to " waste my time by going over ground day after day in an endeavour to seek answers to question that I have already addressed." - or words to that effect.


Of course this was the control freak who had spent the night figuring out how to stem the cross examination of not journalist per se, namely Peta Credlin.

How dare she presume to cross examine Dan and cause the nerves to reveal a body language of trying to dodge bullets, bullets that question the will and scope of Dan's own sculptured Commission to ever get to the truth because of the inability to call on the tools to the job done.

Credlin caused him all sorts of contortions when confronted with her asking why if he was so determined to get to the truth why he would not sanction a Royal Commission.   He endeavoured to twist the suggestion that she felt that his Commission was part of what we have seen since the 27th of March. In other words, an attempt to ‘cover up’ and judging by the obscurification, the lying of many who have suffered amnesia, it was a logical question to ask.


Credlin reminded him that she was no ‘Peta come lately’ but had more teeth that his whole Commission of Inquiry was showing. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that she may well have more abilty because of her political/lawyer background.

Credlin has made it clear that she is fighting for those who have born the brunt of the man you may well begin to have serious thoughts about his mental well being. This man may harbour the thoughts of being Teflon coated, but I reckon he has nightmares about Credlin and none about the fukushima type tsunami that has swept over Melbourne.

It is a frightening phenomenon that Andrews, Ardern and Palaszczuk, are marching to a regiment plan that has nothing to do with their sphere of governance but are selling their country, their States to the beat of a foreign power. It is pushing the minds of the young by creeping assumption under a big red bus.


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