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An “ asylum seeker “ detained on Manus Island has been flown to Australia, courtesy of Dr Kieren Phelps Medevac legislation which passed during her brief sojourn as a Politician. Yes, the poor chap felt deflated and inadequate after injecting his old fella with Palm Oil in the hopes that it would become a chick magnet.  But, alas, it seems that instead of getting a really tall palm tree with a few ample coconuts hanging off, he ended up with a dead tree with no oil at all.

Come on Jacquie - repeal Medevac!

Well, we know that “ oils ain’t oils “ according the ads, and, in this case palm oil is not that flash – unless you use it on the palms of the hands as a lubricant perhaps? Either way, poor old fella has gone sleepy bobos because the palm oil scuppered the chances of him rising to any occasion in the foreseeable future. And flasher he most definitely would not have become…..


Personally, I would have considered that a blessing but, no, he is in Australia for a taxpayer funded stay in a private hospital on the Gold Coast -  $10,000 worth – and will no doubt emerge after his reconstructive surgery eager to flaunt his fronds to the lovely ladies on the Goldie.

Now, call me a cynic, but $10,000 would buy a couple of wheelchairs or a few mobility scooters. But it seems that some “asylum seeker’s “ palm tree standing tall and proud in the name of Allah is of greater value than a few poor disabled or elderly Aussies getting a leg up, as opposed this bloke getting a leg over.

What the hell is wrong with our country? Have we lost all common sense and the ability to set priorities?

Why is this person considered worthy of a $10,000 public investment due to his own actions that inflicted damage to his coconut palm – why is this more important than someone who merely committed the crime of aging or getting wounded fighting for our Australia?

To the best of my knowledge, Jacquie Lambie holds the deciding vote that can repeal this toxic and vile piece of legislation.  I genuinely hope that she sees this as an opportunity to right a wrong and not bow down to activist intimidation.

Surely this surgery cannot be seen as standing up for Australia – it should be seen for what it is : a limp and flaccid dickhead taking advantage of a moronic law that has placed Politicians brains in the smallest part of their anatomy.

Oh, wait… maybe they can get a bulk discount at the Gold Coast hospital for all our male Politicians to get a pair of balls back and take a hard stand for Australia and Australians.


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