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Do not feed the trolls. Ignore them,do not feed them. Yet they are multiplying and becoming worse. Has our ignorance worked? Is ignoring a problem and not giving them the attention they want worked?


Every blog I visit I am told to ignore the trolls, do not respond.
Do Not feed them.
Yet they continue to troll, stalk, annoy and harangue.
Yet we ignore them and try to carry on.
They monopolise our boards, threads and conversations online. They ridicule and chastise and ask questions that have no logical answer and somehow continue to pollute and denigrate intelligent debate.
Ignore them
Just pretend that they do not exist.
The more we ignore them, the more they seem to grow in stature.
If we respond, they come back with arrogant ignorance and we finally give up, throw our hands in the air and say " You know what? I can't be bothered."
So we leave them alone to spill their lies and their distorted version of reality and we cushion ourselves with the knowledge that we have not fed the trolls.
Well, I call bullshit.
Trolls are the cancer that is destroying our free speech. Trolls are the cancer that is destroying our culture. Trolls are shutting us down because their crap is actually over riding our voice of reason because we LET THEM.
You see, that is where we are going wrong today.
We think that ignoring bad behaviour will make it go away. But it doesn't. It simply makes it worse.
We have lost Community Outrage.
The schoolyard bully will not get over it because he is ignored. It will make him worse. It will make him stronger. It will empower him.
The moslem imam will spout his venom and we ignore him but he does not go away. The acid attacker in London does not go away because the media ignores him. He comes back, stronger and more vicious than before .
To ignore is to be ignorant. And ignorance is failure to see what is in front of our eyes.
Ignoring things that we do not like, cannot abide or tolerate does NOT make the situation go way. It makes it worse.
President Trump is standing up to the trolls and boy do they hate it. Trump stands up to the trolls in Main Stream Media and he stands up to the trolls in the Democrat Party. He stands up to the trolls who hate the fact that he is standing up to them.
We, as citizens, need to join him and stand up to the trolls. No matter what Nation, what blog you belong to, what community you live in, stand up to the trolls.
Because, if we do not, the trolls will take over because we bloody ignored them.
They do not go away. They multiply and gain strength through OUR IGNORANCE.
Ignore to your peril.
It is time to stand up to trolls.

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