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As NSW and southern Queensland are being rained out, flooded out, and emotionally wrung out, the Governments and bureaucrats are hanging Australia out to dry albeit with soggy feet, destroyed lives and submerged under a sea of despair.

Did we learn nothing from the Brisbane 2011 floods?  Nothing from the devastating bushfires that tore through communities and the hopes and dreams of thousands of people?
It is time to address the real problem and call a spade a spade: our Nation is being destroyed by Green activists and Environmental laws that make responsible environmental management impossible.
I don't know about you, but I have had a gutful of GREEN TAPE. I am sick of hearing from the likes of Greta Thunberg and her tribe of teenage acolytes who worship at the altar of Doom, Gloom Despair and Misery.
I am over the lies being promoted by " Our ABC " and politicians like Matt Kean. Furthermore, I am thoroughly saturated with Greenies Alarmism and the fibs and fabrications spouted by Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery.
The problem is so easily solved. Build some dams, clear the vegetation from the bush that acts as a tinderbox and clear our heads of this insane pseudo religion called Climate Change.
Every Australian should know the famous poem penned by Dorothea MacKellar that said "I love a sunburnt country/A land of sweeping plains,/Of ragged mountain ranges,/Of droughts and flooding rains."
If they don't they should. Not a bad starting point to citizenship in my opinion. The minute you understand the truth in those words, is the minute that you comprehend the might, magnificence and majesty of this Nation we call home.
It isn't Climate Change. It isn't anything to do with coal fired power stations, farting cows or carbon emissions. It is everything to do with what us old buggers called " Australian weather. "

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Tim Flannery is a dickhead. Anyone who worships at his altar of fantastical fear mongering and fraud will no doubt be found whipping off to the god of bullshit himself, Bruce Pascoe,
Monday to Friday these leftie luvvies gather on the ABC and The Guardian to decry commonsense and on the weekends get on their knees and bey at the moon howling down anyone who has the audacity to say " Build some dams. Build the Bradfield and clear the bush trails . "
It is like the Spanish Inquisition at times: the pack of Social Justice Warriors pounce on anyone who dares to suggest that flood mitigation dams, additional dams for water storage or a network of waterways to harness the water that falls from the sky is a lunatic and a right wing neo Nazi.

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When Tony Abbott, back in 2013, decided that Tim Flannery's services were no longer required, they ( the lefties ) decided it was time for Tony Abbott to go.
Craig Kelly has been subjected to an endless campaign of ridicule and hatred because he dares to suggest that we need good clean coal fired power stations to power our Nation.
Anyone who dares to threaten an endangered moth, slug or green toed newt by promoting the preservation of our lives and livelihoods by building dams is cast into a pit of hell whereby their political futures are doomed.
Heaven help the brave soul who suggests that the parable in the Bible about 7 years of feast and 7 years of famine is actually a rather splendid notion to embrace... well, they are pilloried and mocked.

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Until and unless we get gutsy leaders who are prepared to stand up to these precocious, undisciplined and petulant idiots, we are on a highway to hell and we will stall and die and no longer be " The Lucky Country " but a country hell bent on self destruction.
We sold our water rights. We can't build dams. we can't clear the bush. We have weak leaders and weak politicians, fat greedy bureaucrats who value their annual paypackets and bonuses more than they value their home called Australia.

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We have so called staffers in Canberra bonking and playing pranks in the hallowed halls of our Parliament buildings and our Veterans being ignored and dying.
The saying that Nero fiddled while Rome was burning is so apt right now.
Unless Scott Morrison toughens up, starts to lead and brings out his inner Churchill, the Conservative Government will be washed out in a flood of anger and frustration and we will be stuck with a Labor/Green Coalition.
As it stands, there is little difference between Morrison's Labor Lite and Albanese's Labor Lite.
Both have allowed the Green Left to infiltrate their policies and we, the People, are left mopping up the mess.
Only I think that, unless something changes, we are facing a mixed metaphor in our future:
We are burning our bridges while the flood waters rise and there will be no escape to higher ground.
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