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We quiet and easy going Australians are being told to enter into a Marriage that we neither want nor need. A Forced Marriage that is hurting us and bruising us and breaking our spirits.

It depends upon who you support: Bully or Victim. Over the past decades, we have been in a forced marriage. As Nations and as individuals. We, the Native population get slapped on the face and our enforced partner in marriage, the Refugee, the Migrant, the unwanted partner in Marriage, can do anything they want and get a slap on the wrist.  Thanks to our Governments. This defence of the Bully interloper and the prosecution of the unwilling partner has to stop.


If we see immigration as a marriage between strangers “ an arranged marriage “ we look to our Governments to ensure that their pick of our partners will be based on shared values, beliefs, ambitions, aspirations and hobbies. As a Nation, as a People, we are in their hands when they choose our partner.

Yet they seem to be going out of their way to select the most ill suited, contrary and inappropriate People to partner with us in the creation of a new family.

The criteria for a solid marriage is not rocket science: people who want to work together, pull their weight and build a happy home.

This particular marriage will not end well. When ill suited partners get put together under the same roof, things will not go well.

How can we do this when we are being forcibly married to people who steal our grocery money, mock our Religion, our Laws, our way of life and our hard fought for freedoms? And all the while doing it with a clenched fist and a smiley face because they know they can get away with just about anything?

More importantly, doing it with our Government’s sanction, our Courts “ there there, we know that you didn’t mean to be naughty “ mentality and the media trained to suppress their evil deeds and promote our frustrated attempts to hit back… we are becoming angry and when our anger builds sufficiently, our Government had better be ready to face our wrath.

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Zealots on any side of the fence are dangerous.

One only need look at the vegan activists who use their beliefs as a weapon to destroy people’s livelihoods and homes to justify their cause. The climate change adherents who seek to destroy the jobs of hardworking people in the bush who work in the coal industry, the tourism industry on the Great Barrier Reef or the farmers whose animals are starving because the greenie activists have dictated that land cannot be cleared.

The people whose homes are under threat or have been destroyed by fires that may not have spread, had burn offs been still allowed.

The women who fought emotional battles to terminate a baby at 10 weeks who now are being bundled in with the monsters who advocate abortion at 9 months or leave babies to die when the abortion was “ not successful.”  The women who, on social media,  mock a precious human life as a “ thing “ and use words that are nothing short of abhorrent when celebrating the death of their unborn babe. Those that work in the baby parts industry that regard human life as a spare parts department.


People whose zealous enables and encourages them to believe that Christians need to be wiped out; that Jews are vermin and women are fair game to be preyed upon, beaten, raped and stoned to death for daring to “ show some skin. “

Women who hate men and people who believe that gender does not exist except as a mental disorder.  Men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women and adults who have sex with children.  All, in this marriage of opposites, has forced an alien set of ideas and social constructs on the 98% in order to subdue us and overwhelm us.

This forced marriage in our countries is out of control and out of order. It has become an issue of White, Black, Moslem, Jewish, Christian, Hindu or Buddist; an issue of male, female, transgender or alphabet people; about poor and rich, coal against wind power, rights or victimhood.

And this Forced Marriage has created an uncontrollable bully who is actively encouraged to subdue and crush the defenceless partner.  

Our Education system has been annihilated. Our Family Unit destroyed. Our sense of Self stifled and choked. Our media censored and propagandised. Our Faith in “ God, King and Country “ wiped out.

Marriage is an Institution that has been destroyed both literally and metaphorically.

Marriage is about our family survival. Literally.

“I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.”

Abraham Lincoln.




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