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This article was written back in 2018. It is quite frightening how it has come to pass.I am also reminded of this: Tony Abbott warned us 15 years ago.

Mass Migration and Open Borders -  recipe for a worldwide epidemic?

Every time an unscreened refugee or migrant arrives in our country, are we being putting at risk?.

Do our Governments have an obligation to protect us from the United Nations Open Borders Policy?

Everytime a migrant or traveller arrives in our country - whether it be in to Australia, America, New Zealand, Canada or elsewhere , we accept them because they have a little book called a passport. 

In this little book, a Customs Agent or Officer can tell where one has been.Unless there is a terrorist risk, these folk move freely in and out of  our countries because of their little book.

The little book is very powerful. 



Sometimes, a person will destroy their little book so that they can gain entry as a refugee. They then get a brand new little book that says that they are a Citizen of their " new " country and have been very good people... even though we do not have a bloody clue who they are, where they come from, how old they are or even what diseases they have. 

But, because we hail from loving and kind countries, we take these folk in and provide them with housing, health care, income and education.

They then say to us that they do not like the way we treat them. We are too Christian, too intolerant, too white, too judgmental. We are expected to accept their " cultural differences " when they rape our women, our children and animals. We are expected to accept their cruel animal slaughter, their treatment of their wives and children and turn a blind eye when they attack us and spit at us, throw cid in our faces or slash us with machetes. Hell, we even have to forgive them when they blow us up with home made bombs.

We bend over backward to accomodate their views, their beliefs and their requirements ... but they re still not satisfied.

The years roll by and we find that we are getting sick. Forget the murders, the rapes, the bestiality... after all they are merely cultural fdifferences.

Now we have once eradicated diseases coming back. More troubling, we have diseases hitherto not seen in our countries. 

In 2016, Australian Media reported:

A FLESH-eating ulcer that can result in limb amputations has made its way to Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, The Age reports.

The Buruli ulcer has hit record levels in Victoria with 45 cases reported this year. The disease has recently spread to inner Melbourne suburbs such as Bentleigh, Hampton and Cheltenham.

It’s believed the ulcer, also known as the Bairnsdale ulcer, can be contracted by contact with bodies of water, mosquitoes and even possums. However the exact mode of transmission remains unknown to researchers.

The disease eats at the skin and capillaries and can lead to gangrene if left untreated, resulting in amputation in extreme cases. It most commonly affects exposed skin areas such as arms and legs.

It was first recorded in Bairnsdale, Victoria in the 1930s, but has more recently been detected in the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas.

Austin Hospital’s Professor Paul Johnson told The Age the number of cases was “rapidly increasing. You’ve got this tropical disease in coastal temperate Melbourne.”

When identified early, the ulcer can be successfully treated with antibiotics and will appear as a small pimple once the incubation period is over.

Victoria is the only non-tropical locale that has recorded cases of the Buruli ulcer.

By 2019 it seems that the affliction is gaining traction and an article published in January 2019 suggests that it is being spread by mosquitoes feeding on possum faeces.... 
According to the article, " The bug used to be quite rare but is becoming quite frequent,' 


From a comment on another blog by poster Pepperpete:

Could Mass Migration and Open Borders Policy Create a World Wide Epidemic?
If we take the outbreak and spread of the Spanish Flu 1918-19 as an example of how easily and quickly a deadly pandemic can spread.
World War I commenced on July 28, 1914, and ended on November 11, 1918. The total number of military and civilian casualties was approximately 40 million. Estimates range from 15 to 19 million deaths and about 23 million wounded. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and France each recorded more than one million killed. The United States lost close to 54,000 soldiers. 
By comparison, the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, also known as the ‘Spanish Flu’, commenced in three waves starting February-March of 1918 and ended in March of 1919, a period of approximately 12 months (though it is acknowledge that a fourth wave occurred in the spring of 1920). The flu infected 500 million people, nearly one-third of the world’s population at that time, including regions as remote as the Pacific Islands and the Arctic. Conservative estimates place numbers perishing from the disease at 50 million and as high as 100 million, with a case fatality rate—the proportion of those infected who subsequently die—estimated at 10 to 20 percent).
The First World War brought diverse regions closely together in an unprecedented manner. The Spanish Flu was a by product of the global war that unleashed a global epidemic.
The virulence of the Spanish flu remained a mystery until recent investigations were able to provide answers to some of the perplexing questions. These included why the second wave of the pandemic was so lethal compared to the first wave and why healthy young adults were so vulnerable to the virus by comparison to older people and young children who seemed to fare better, giving a W-shaped mortality curve.
During the first year of the pandemic, life expectancy in the United States dropped by 12 years. Unlike most influenza outbreaks where the young, the old or those already weakened patients are most vulnerable, the 1918 pandemic killed healthy young adults at more than 20 times the rate expected.
In India, as many as 17 million people died from Spanish Flu. The disease hit Iran hard with estimates ranging from close to a million to as high as 2.4 million deaths. In Europe, the excess number of deaths is estimated at 2.6 million in the period of the pandemic. Japan reported 23 million infections and 390,000 deaths. In Indonesia 1.5 million were thought to have died. In the United States, about 30 percent of the population was infected and close to 675,000 died. Brazil saw 300,000 deaths.
All because the bringing together of millions of people from all over the world created conditions conducive to the rapid spread of a deadly virulent disease.
Be aware that the conditions brought about by the current mass migration and the lack of resolve by governments and our leaders to keep our borders safe has created the right conditions for a virulent disease outbreak. The forced mixing of huge populations with unknown medical histories and from regions with dubious disease control methods is leaving us all open to massive disease outbreaks that could easily wipe out a large part of our population and leave our shores vulnerable to further invasion.

The Source of the Epidemic
Another perplexing question is where did the Spanish flu originate? That Spain is identified with the origin of the influenza pandemic of 1918 has to do with Spain’s neutrality during the war. Their press freely reported news of the flu outbreak, while in the warring nations military censors, concerned about keeping up public morale and not encouraging the other side, kept the news on the severity of the disease quiet. Influenza severely afflicted every army in the war. The Americans sustained the highest morbidity, with 26 percent of the US Army affected, over one million men. The German Army recorded over 700,000 cases of influenza and the British listed 313,000 cases. The pandemic’s spread has been linked to the millions of men piled into trenches and camps fighting in the First World War.
One of the first methodical examinations into the Spanish Flu pandemic was conducted by a prominent American bacteriologist and public health scientist, Dr. Edwin Oakes Jordan, who was a co-founder of the Journal of Preventive Medicine. In his 1925 book, Epidemic Influenza, he carefully reviewed the available data and commented that extreme overcrowding of troops in the American military not only helped spread the infection but contributed to the virulence of the disease.
Excluding France, British troops and even India as a source of the pandemic, he noted that in the United States the influenza was moving from Army camp to Army camp, then into the cities and traveling to Europe with the soldiers. About 12 percent of over 1.2 million American soldiers were hospitalized for respiratory illness from March to May of 1918. He concluded that the United States was the site of the origin.
Within the first three weeks, over 1,000 of the 56,000 troops fell ill enough to be hospitalized. Soldiers moved quickly through training camps to other parts of the country and Europe. By the end of April 1918, 24 of the 36 main Army camps suffered an influenza epidemic. Thirty of the fifty largest cities also experienced the flu epidemic with excess mortality associated with influenza and pneumonia.
According to an article by John Barry, “A subsequent Army study said, ‘At this time fulminating pneumonia, with wet hemorrhagic lungs, fatal in from 24 to 48 hours, was first observed.’” He notes that the first recorded autopsy in Chicago of an influenza victim was conducted in early April reporting that “the lungs were full of hemorrhages.” Influenza then appeared at Brest, France, a disembarkation port for the American soldiers.


Say what you like, we need our Governments to defend our borders, defend our safety and defend our health. I don't want to be shot, acid washed or blown up by a crazed lunatic from an unknown background.  And I sure as hell do not want to lose a limb, get bed bugs, scabies or a life threatening disease because left leaning luvvies think my Government has no right to keep me safe.

UPDATE: This was written in 2018.... scary, isn't it? 


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