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 I love words and the precision that they have.

They are like snipers. If used in the right hands, our bullets called words can hit their target very accurately. 

That is why the Left want to destroy our language.

There is no precision anymore.

A few nights ago, I watched a movie ( Australian ) called William Kelly's War. It was based on the true story of a band of brothers who fought in WWI. The brothers had come from a farming background and their father only gave them one bullet to use when shooting "roos. " ( for my American readers that means kangaroos.)  As a result, the young William, or Billy as he was called, became a damned fine shot. 


William Edward Sing, DCM (2 March 1886 – 19 May 1943) was an Australian soldier of Chinese and English descent who served in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I, best known as a sniper during the Gallipoli Campaign. He took at least 150 confirmed kills during that campaign, and may have had over 200 kills in total. However, contemporary evidence puts his tally at close to 300 kills.

In the war, this served him well and he became a sniper.

Because he was accustomed to using one bullet, he made his shot count. 


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Today, we are free to use as many words ( or bullets ) as we want. But we must use them wisely as Billy Kelly did, and make our one shot count.

The problem is that, like bullets, there can be a ricochet and they can come back to injure us or those who are in the vicinity.

So we must use them wisely and protect them because they are fast becoming the only ammo we have left.

People will want to steal our ammo. Attack our right to use them - not only in our defense but also to defeat our enemies.

 When our words are attacked, we have a problem that is much graver than people realise.

Our Law is diminished. Our legal system is diminished. 

But, with the fading of free language, we lose free thought. And the Plague Doctors will multiply and triumph. 


One of my commenters talked about this -  Marylou Samson -  and it got me to thinking.

Without the precision of the written word, the Left can overtake the world and utterly destroy the fabric of our lives.

When men can be women and breastfeeding becomes chest feeding and life lost is a tragedy if a baby is wanted and a celebration if it is not, words have lost their impact.

We are living in a world where the manipulation of language has become our greatest enemy.

Our children cannot write, spell or think. Words have become truncated phrases on social media and all they do is say

" I want " or " I feel " and nothing in our written language actually means anything anymore.


Give me a break. That would not have gotten us through the Blitz, Pearl Harbor or the horror of the bombing of Darwin. Let's all have a hug?  

Law has become open to interpretation.

Speeches can be manipulated and edited.

Our media giants use words to sway the public mood. Our governments use them to swing polls.

But most people have such a limited vocabulary that they cannot respond without using some trite phrase that leads them back to how " they feel " or " what they " want. "

Until we move back to an education system that teaches the English language and its nuances and precision, all we will have is a shower of bullets on an unsuspecting public and a dumbed-down populace who do not even know that they are being conned.


Because they have lost their ability to understand the essential component of language. The written word, the spoken word. Then all we are left with is a sea of emotional rants and ravings. Like a child who lost its rattle or didn't get a treat in a supermarket.


We cannot live our lives ruled by those that use temper tantrums and outrageous emotional outpourings to decide what is right for our future

How can people be ruled by the temper tantrums and mindless imaginings of twitter followers? 

Yet our governments are apparently preoccupied with the endless spew of outraged venom that manifests itself in the number of followers on social media.

It is something from the Dark Ages.

EmilysQuotes.Com negative sad people dark age refuse ignorance James A. Michener intelligence

We are living in a modern and supposedly well educated and enlightened world.  Yet people cannot even identify America on a map of the world? People mistake Austria and Australia? 

How on earth can they possibly create a new world order if it is founded on an ill educated, dumbed down and illiterate generation?

Because that is what it is about. 

They want to make us so thick and so stupid that we will believe whatever lies they spew forth. 

The church in times gone by was ruled with and by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of death. Fear of poverty. Fear of almost anything you can think of. All you had to worship at the altar of the church of salvation and you could seek and perhaps be granted a chance to be saved. Oh, and shove a few pieces of gold in the pot. 


Are we truly that different today?

Yet we are still plagued by those that seek to turn our lives back in time. To the days with no electricity, no energy and when the power resided in the hands of the few and we were ruled by fear.

 Have we used language to manipulate the emotions and the laws by which we live by making it less precise? After all, our forebears could not read or write latin and they blindly accepted what they HEARD.

In this digital age, it seems to me that we have come full circle.

We are back to the Plague Doctors, the sealed doors and the times of the Dark Ages. 


Before we, as a People,  could know any more or less than what we were TOLD. 

Is it not time to reclaim what we have learned over the past 1000 years and stop believing in Plague Doctors and sealed villages?

Let us get back to using our minds, our written language and our amazing gift of technology to learn, read, investigate and become something more than a dumbed down version of ourselves that is more reflective of the Dark Ages?

The only way we can do that is by taking back our words. And we can only do that by taking back our Education system, our language, our courts and our RIGHT TO SPEAK, READ, AND INVESTIGATE.


 It concerns me that we may be too late. We are on the cusp of a shift in what the world will be in the next 5 years. A world of activist and leftist control? Where everything is fueled by emotion?

Or a world that is fueled by something that is now becoming forbidden:

The Right to Think.


Without a reset on language, life as we know it will cease to exist. 

We will be cowering as the Plague Doctors arrive and we will be locked in our homes if we dare to say " this is unfair. "

Thank you to Marylou Samson for your inspiration for this article. Marylou gave me the words:

" I love words and the precision that they have " 

Yes. They are precise. We can and must use them. No wonder the Left are closing down our free speech. They know that they are bullets and we can be snipers as long as we use them as if they were our last and only shot. 

Because they are. 



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