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A few days ago, I was pondering what on earth we could do to fight back against this insanity of the rapid takeover of our lives and our rights. Machines appear to control our votes; our voices are being stifled and our ability to fight back is being diminished on a daily basis. 

A mere 18 months ago, we still felt we had a say. But it has been revealed that we were being duped, and, under the guise of a rampant deadly virus, those foolish illusions have been stripped away.

I have long been a fan of the work of the late great Douglas Adams who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 

It has always been my belief that his work was more philosophical than humourous and he had managed to capture the insanity of bureaucracy gone mad.

Just think of the tale of the Golgafrinchams

Their planet was being weighed down by a third of the population that didn't really contribute anything to the betterment of society as a whole.

Too many people who didn't do or produce anything.

 They were known as THE MIDDLEMEN. 



What could they do to sort this issue out? 

The Leaders decided to invent a virus being spread by a giant mutant star goat and the obvious solution was to evacuate this useless third of the population to a new planet. 

The problem is that the useless third crash landed on Planet Earth and they are now in charge.

Planet Earth is ruled by Middlemen.

So who are the Middlemen who make these decisions?

Well, they are the people who produce nothing, They do nothing and cannot think.

They are our Politicians and Public Servants.  

The Middlemen are importing those that offer nothing and drain us of our ability to look after ourselves and keep taking from us and give little back.

People just like themselves.


The problem is that the rest of us quite like working and being productive.

We quite enjoy thinking and being useful. 

We fight back when we see Middlemen collecting money and power through our hard work.

We don't like being screwed over.  

We fought back. And they did not like that.  When we elected a leader who was not a Middleman, they decided it was time for us to go.


The Middlemen decided to invent a mutant star goat and create a vaccine that will kill us off. The mutant bat bug vaccine that isn't a vaccine but actually changes our DNA and could stop us ever reproducing.

Just take the vaccine, keep killing your babies, stop eating meat, start eating cockroaches and you are good to go.

But, whatever you do, keep voting for us because we know what's good for you.  


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Quick, neat and cost effective. In fact, it works rather well, because it will make them bucket loads of money manufacturing the vaccine. 

So where does it leave us

Ruled by the Middle Men who are eradicating us? The thinkers and doers? 

The Middlemen imported people who don't think and don't do and we. who didn't fall for the bullshit mutant star goat and still have a functioning brain, are being punished. Replaced by those that don't think, don't do and the middlemen can control with money. How crazy is that? 



Never forget that.

How do we cope in this dystopian and distorted world of fear and victimhood?

Firstly, we need to get back control. 


I am reminded of a story I read many years ago. I have had it written here before. 

There was a chaplain in Vietnam who was in his tent and he got an unexpected visitor. It was a soldier in a jeep. He called out to " Evacuate immediately. You are about to be attacked! "

The Chaplain dismissed the jeep and said " No. I have put my faith in God. He will protect me. "

The jeep pulled out. 

Shelling increased, Another soldier arrived in a jeep. 

The soldier called out to " Evacuate immediately. You are about to be attacked! "

The Chaplain dismissed the jeep and said " No. I have put my faith in God. He will protect me. "

Things deteriorated. A helicopter hovered overhead, and a voice from above called out

" This is your last chance! "

The Chaplain dismissed the helicopter and said " No. I have put my faith in God. He will protect me. "


Not long after, the Chaplain was meeting St Peter. 

He said " I put my faith in God. Why did he abandon me? "

St Peter said " God sent you two jeeps and a helicopter. What more did you want? "

At what point in time do we stop waiting for a miracle when we have already been sent so many?

I met a Nun many years ago who told me the story of a fire in her Convent. I had been going through a particularly low ebb in my life.

I couldn't understand how God could abandon me when I needed him most.


She told me that God did not create the fire, He gave us the water and the buckets and it was up to us to use them. She said

"  Surely you don't expect him to do that too? " 

And she was right. 

I kicked myself up the backside, picked up a bucket and put the fire out.

We need to do the same right now.

It is not up to Scott Morrison or President Trump or Craig Kelly or Peta Credlin or Alan Jones.

It is up to us. 






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