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I recently lost my wife of over 55 years. Her passing was something that I referred to in a previous post.

Because of the people I have met here on Patriot Realm, I have discovered a way of talking without being concerned about who I am, where I am, or what I am.

I am an older man who has recently lost his wife and found a young cat and Mrs Dodger is very happy with my choice. But the truth is that the cat chose me. I think Mrs Dodger was still going what she always did: making my mind up for me.



If I had chosen a bumpy blonde, Mrs Dodger would have hurled down a thousand thunderbolts and I would be dead today. 

Mind you, a bumpy blonde would not choose me, So let's scrub that. 

Right now. Immediately.



Instead, I chose a cat. A tabby. A young lady who needed a Dodger and needed to be cared for.

I call her Angel.

 It was our wedding anniversary on June 5th.

My little cat decided to jump on my shoulders and lick my face.

She seems to have an attachment to my shoulders.

I am now wandering around my home with a tabby cat glued to my shoulders.


Angel will not leave me alone. I cook my dinner and do the vacuuming. Angel jumps on my shoulders and I am learning to accept her. I go to bed and Angel snuggles up beside me.

I am wondering how I ever lived without my Angel.

But I have realised that I am still living with my angel

My wife.


Mrs Dodger was always a bit protective when it came to me. I suspect that she has come back as a cat and I am in for another 50 years of being told what to do.

And I am happy about that. 

Men - well, I am this way - men like having a woman to care for. 

Mrs Dodger was my life and all I wanted was to look after her.


If I can look after a cat on her behalf, I am happy.

But let's be fair. Cats tell us what to do and they put video links on youtube to show us how clever they are.

We are just silly if we think that we can tell a cat what to do. 

I have learned that cats are like women. 

You cannot herd cats.


And you cannot herd a Mrs Dodger.


If Angel is Mrs Dodger in disguise, then all I can say is that Mrs Dodger is pretty crap at hiding her identity.

Because she is still sitting on my shoulder bossing me around and cuddling with me in bed. But there is one thing that worries me.

Mrs Dodger never licked my face. 



Maybe she is telling me she cares?


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