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When our leaders and politicians sign us up to these global accords, declarations and agreements, do they realise what the consequences will be? Decades on, their moment in the sun and on the front page can have far reaching consequences. 

One little known, but very impactive decision is now showing us just how damaging these signatures can be. Nearly 50 years ago, Australia signed up to the Lima Declaration.


 In 1975, Labor Senator Don Willesee signed us up to this strange thing in Peru - hence its name " The Lima Declaration. " He was acting in his role of  Special Minister of State and Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Whitlam Government.

In March 1975, the Second General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) met in Lima, Peru. The Third World wouldn't apparently stand a chance of going head to head with more developed nations so it was decided that we needed to give them a nudge and a bit of help by stuffing our own industrial bases.

 Industrial resources from advanced countries like Australia should be sent to the Third World, thus providing markets for Third World exports by buying products once produced locally. In other words, send our resources to other emerging nations and let them manufacture goods using our riches and we would them buy them back at value added prices.

The Lima Declaration set in motion a process that would carry on through the Fraser, Hawke and Keating years and was marketed to the Australian public as internationalising our economy.

Lucky us.

Our farmers and agricultural sector have suffered because of our benevolence. Our car industry and steel industry are gone.  

In 1970 estimates numbered Australian farmers at around 300,000, the number is now less than125,000.

You see, the reasoning behind this agreement was that the lucky countries like Australia should spread the love and we could create what was known as a New World Economic Order. 


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A call for change was made in March 1975 when the Second General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), meeting in Lima, issued a Declaration and World Plan of Action.

Resolution 27 "Developed Countries such as Australia should expand it’s imports from developing countries."

Resolution 35 "Developed Countries (Australia) should transfer technical, financial, and capital goods to developing countries to accomplish resolution 28 above."

Resolution 41  “That the developed countries should adhere strictly to the principle that the Generalised System of Preferences must not be used as an instrument for economic and political pressure to hamper the activities of those developing countries which produce raw materials” 

Reolution 43 “That the developing countries should fully and effectively participate in the international decision making process on international monetary questions in accordance with the existing and evolving rules of the competent bodies and share equitably in the benefits resulting therefrom” 

Resolution 52 “That the developing countries should devote particular attention to the development of basic industries such as steel, chemicals, petro chemicals and engineering, thereby consolidating their economic independence while at the same time assuring an effective form of import substitution and a greater share of world trade”.


What possible advantage is there in signing up to economic suicide? Why are still part of this United Nations backed self destruction?

Yet, here we are, nearly 50 years later, still signing these agreements, accords and declarations which are so blatantly self harming? 

Since then, we have signed up to the disastrous Paris Accord. But that is another horror show that demands and deserves its own explanation.


 Surely it is time that Australians are not signed up to these agreements without a referendum? 


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