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I have just seen a clip taken in Equador of rubbish  trucks backing into a shallow river and dumping their  loads of household or rubbish of some kind  straight into the water.   The river seemed to be fairly fast flowing and it got taken away almost immediately.   Out to the ocean.
We have Greenies in all countries throughout the world ,  there are plenty of legitimate  wrongs that should be corrected , but do they focus on those problems , NO.     They sit back on their behinds  and  target the clean countries , where people really do care what happens in their areas.     It is so much easier.  They hold their rallies in clean streets , they write their lies to  the computers that belong to clean people.

Climate change is so easy to focus on.   A spell of hot weather,  a  flood which happens every year at a certain time in certain countries.   Bush fires that  happen right throughout the world,  some deliberately  lit by arsonists  , others a natural  occurrence .   The Scientists are repeatedly  informing  us that there is no climate change , but do the Greenies take any  notice  - no. They are too busy putting their heads in the sand.
 They foist their warped ideas on little children and uneducated adults , who are alarmed at the thought that we as a people are so neglectful that we are creating this awful disaster.     They get  a young  vulnerable girl... Greta...  to do their dirty work.   Hail her as a hero .       Isn't she clever and brave to bring this situation to the public.   Every word is written for her , most of us have seen her at a loss for words if she is caught with a question that she has no prepared  answer for.
The young have not had the  schooling  to sufficiently  equip them to look at the situation for themselves and they think that if adults say something  is true, well it must be.  
Greenies have too much say and it is time more ordinary everyday people raised their voices   and responsible  ideas were taken to the table of discussion.   The media must give the  people with knowledge time on their programmes  to inform  the  masses .     When you read and see  the damage the pollution in the ocean is doing to our fish, whales, dolphins, turtles , every single  creature that lives in the water , we should be doing something much more constructive about that .   
There are areas that are being totally neglected because the greenies are pushing  Climate change and it is just Weather patterns  that have been around since time began.  
ocean plastic pollution
There are now certain areas in the more affluent world that have been taken over by people in the eflluent world who have no idea how to keep a place clean and free of filth.   Why don't the greenies get stuck into some positive work and clean up those places.   Oh, I forgot they might get their pretty hands dirty , much easier to sit or stand and yell out to the  polite world   about things that are not true.  
 It is time for the general  population to follow men like President Trump who is trying his very best to correct the problems in his part of the world , others in charge have to follow suit  and do their bit.   That is put the world back in the hands of responsible people and let the Greenies enjoy time around the swimming pool or  picking flowers  , or perhaps if we were lucky taking care of someone or something that needed real help and assistance.
Clean up our Planet , look after our animals ,  our creatures in the ocean , our precious children , our old folk , go back to the days when the Missionaries  went around the world giving advice and lending helping hands .  
 People who  could help,  not people who sit and stand around with only one chorus and that is the misused words   ..  climate change.



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