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Mum asked me to explain the grand Solar Minimum and how it affects or influences climate change “ Is this what all the fuss is about and why we have to listen to the leftie luvvies going on about the end of the world? “

Well, yes, actually, Redhead. . It is Because Climate Change is not caused by farting cows or cheap coal fired electricity. It is caused by a thing called the sun.

I wrote an article for little Adam Bandt, leader of the greens here in Australia a little while back. It was a bed time story all about that clever thing called the sun and how it manages to do whatever the hell he wants and that nothing that we do on planet Earth is going to change it.

So here is the grownup version of the story, for all those who want to know the real reason why I believe that we, as people should be more concerned about pollution than climate change and that the Greens and luvvies need to wake up from their Communist inspired coma and blame the real culprit:



Every 11 years, the Sun becomes less active and this is known as the Solar Minimum. As I suggested in my Bandt Bedtime story, the sun occasionally slows down, has a nap and doesn’t create the same level of bursts of energy that it normally does.  Every 11 years or so, sunspots fade away, bringing a period of calm.

“This is called solar minimum,” according to Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, MD. “And it’s a regular part of the sunspot cycle.” (source)

It was predicted that this would occur in 2019 – 2020.

I think that many people in the Northern Hemisphere would attest to the fact that it has been a cold winter. Even those of us down under have seen a cooler than normal summer.

As is explained here, “ One way to track the solar cycle is by counting the number of sunspots.

The beginning of a solar cycle is a solar minimum, when the Sun has the least sunspots.

Over time, solar activity—and the number of sunspots—increases.

The middle of the solar cycle is the solar maximum, or when the Sun has the most sunspots.

As the cycle ends, it fades back to the solar minimum and then a new cycle begins.”

“ A Grand Solar Minimum occurs when several solar cycles exhibit lesser than average activity for decades or centuries. Solar cycles still occur during these grand solar minimum periods but are at a lower intensity than usual. Grand solar minima have shown some correlation with global and regional climate changes.”


To us newbies and non Scientific types, that means the sun  is having a little nap right now and in fact is downright buggered and having “ a deep sleepy bobos” – for the snowflakes out there - so it gets a bit cooler and and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Bottom line? Climate Change is a hoax and is all about the money. Always about money, power and control.

So what does the future hold for us?

More of the same. It will get cooler for a while and then it will heat up again. 

The Sun is, as Valentina Zharkova said, a bit lazy right now. We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum and no amount of money will change that. No amount of carbon credits can change that.

Please watch this video and put your mind at rest: this is our home being influenced by the Sun.

 We have survived this for millenium. It is just life on Earth. 



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