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There seems to be a growing feeling of helplessness around the world. How can we possibly fight back against the relentless attack on our freedoms, our lives and our values?

Our votes seem worthless - after all, after what happened in America ( and, I suspect, elsewhere, around the world ) with elections in 2020, it is not unreasonable to feel that all is lost.

Knowing that Dominion voting machines were used in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New Zealand should ring alarm bells as to the accuracy of those elections. 

When our votes mean nothing and our voices are being suppressed, how do we possibly fight back?

If the fish rots from the head down, maybe our answer is to start at the bottom and work up?


We need to take control of our school committees, swimming pools, local clubs and community organisations, all of which have been taken over by leftist activists.

We need to take back control of our Councils, our Bodies Corporate and our  Neighbourhood Watch. 

If we cannot do that, then we can share the wealth of our minds.

Start small.

Only by reclaiming the small fry will we progressively change the culture of the bigger pond. 



Maybe it is time to do the little things and do what we can in our communities, our families and our immediate circles of friends and acquaintances?

To a small extent, that is what I have tried to do with this blog. 

I know that I will not change the world. But I used a skill that I am fortunate to have gained over many years - my ability to build websites and use the internet on a more hands-on level. 

We have been so lucky to have gained the skills of someone like Happy Expat, whose love of and knowledge of history has reminded us of the things that our forebears did to preserve our freedoms and ways of life.


I have learned so much from his articles. He has CONTRIBUTED his particular skill to hopefully spread the word and encourage people to visit the library, read books, watch videos and explore the pathways of our soldiers and brave parents, grandparents and others. He has been sharpening our minds.  

So many others, share their passion for nostalgia and remind us of the delights of childhood memories and the wonder of saying " remember when... " 

The walk down Memory Lane may seem trivial but it stirs our souls and reminds us that things were actually better when life was simpler... less complicated.

Maybe the 5 bedroomed house and the media room are of no real importance when compared to sitting on a pushbike and racing home for Mum's home-cooked dinner at 5 o'clock?


We have read about the power of music and the joys of bee keeping. The wonder of engineering and our hitherto unknown ability to laugh at our clumsiness or human frailty.

Believe it or not, we all are doing our bit to remind people that we were actually happier with less and that, in many respects, the pleasure of a doughnut is far greater than a gourmet restaurant meal, if enjoyed with a friend of common spirit.


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We have enjoyed the inspiration of people who have found the joy of having a furry friend when life has deprived them of their soul mate of many years.


We have laughed at knowing that we don't bounce after 35 and that grandchildren have abundant appetites for food. 

I am reminded of my Gran who was very wise woman indeed. I was once troubled by the mounting stack of bills and the fact that I could not stay home with my little children because we did not have enough income to support ourselves.

I asked her " Gran, how did you cope on one income? How did you do it? "

She looked at me, somewhat surprised  and said

" I didn't have a washing machine. We didn't have a car. "

We can regain control IF we start at the bottom with the small fry. The family unit. 

Unless we get back the concept of family we do not have a hope in hell.

While the raising of the children is subcontracted out to strangers, how can we expect to see a better future? 

If parents are not actively involved in the raising and educating of their youngsters, how can they expect to see the pond populated by healthy young fish?


If we who are in our 60's and 70's  have grandchildren who have been raised by strangers and educated by strangers, what can we possibly do to fix our pond? 

As people in their 80's look on in horror and dismay at what has happened to the great-grandkids, what can they do to reverse this rot? 

I suppose the thing that springs to mind is that we are being ruled by people who were brought up in daycare and shoved in front of the TV or computer. Now they see us as the only way that they can ever get anything is by waiting for us to die so that they can reap the benefits of our hard work and thrift.

Our family units are no longer within our own neighbourhoods. We are spread all over the world in some cases and certainly spread throughout our state or country.

Our role in our offspring's lives is of limited input or value if we no longer have a family unit at all.

Lest of all because we allowed it to be destroyed.



In too many situations, we are just the people that get the obligatory birthday card or Christmas wish and then put on the back burner until the next anniversary.

Or wheeled back into a Nursing Home.

Which brings me full circle to what can we do to stop the rot?

I suppose it is to say that we need to keep sharing. Keep talking. Keep contributing our wisdom and our memories; our knowledge and our lives well lived.

Keep laughing, keep being defiant. Keep our history alive. 

Because, right now, our governments and schools are trying to dismantle history and create a false narrative. 

We are doing our bit to fight back by preserving the memories and keeping our dreams alive.

In too many instances,  the oldies are the ticket to paradise: when we die, " they " get our money through inheritance.


What they have forgotten is that there will be no one left to create more wealth for the future.

The buck will stop with us. Literally.

But what  they do not realise is that the true wealth lies not in dollars, but in the vaults of our minds.




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