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We have reached the point where we need to acknowledge that we have a problem, and it is a big one. Diversity and multiculturalism has backfired and it ain't gonna work.

It is a tragedy that I read of the incident in France where a teacher was beheaded because he showed a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed and I felt no surprise, shock or horror. That was the bigger tragedy. It was that I was not shocked, surprised or horrified. Welcome to 2020

It seems that the young male teacher showed his students the " offending " cartoon and asked if it was something that people should still be allowed ( that word again ) ALLOWED to mock, ridicule or laugh about someone  - he wondered whether or not it was people's right to express a view on a figure held in great reverance by others. 


 Oh, the irony.

I wonder if he had instead chosen to show one of the many Trump balloons, cartoons memes and jokes I read on a daily basis, he would have ended up having his head chopped off.

The Media are reporting that the person who cut this bloke's throat, severed his head and was subsequently shot was " murdered. "

Murdered?  Geez... 

Can we put this in perspective please? 

I love President Trump. I find the ridicule and  offensive and persistent hatred of this great man disgraceful. 

But, unlike our Moslem brethren, I do not grab a knife, seek out the person who created the cartoon and then chop his or her head off in a public street. 

It is fine for the very unfunny, very offensive Kathy Griffin to hold a mock Trump severed head but, when a moslem actually chops a teacher's head off, the left ask us to be tolerant and acknowledge that we are just not being inclusive enough.

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Well, all I can say is that one young teacher in France welcomed the New Order in and look where it got him. No doubt he is lost for words.


To die such an horrific death at the will of the people "we "  welcomed is tragic. 

For us to ignore this warning is folly. 

I refer you to Redhead's latest article: Are we in a partnership, a marriage - or merely a marriage of convenience?

And if so, for whom? 

It certainly is not for us. 

It almost makes me think of this.

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In the meantime, all my leftie leaning family members, if China and Islam prevail and you hope for the defeat of President Trump, remember:

You have put your neck on the line. 

Mine too. 




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