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It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion and determination. But today, at the base of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, he showed the world, Americans and the Leftist Deep State, that he is not only in control, but in the saddle and ready to ride again. And it is NOT into the sunset.

President Trump is back in charge and has climbed the mountain to greatness. 

As I sat here in my home in Australia, I had become conditioned to limp wristed, weak, apologists who use Politically Correct Niceness and circle around issues with fairy dust and weak words to describe things that we are bloody furious about.

Politicians are “ concerned “ or “ saddened “ or “ disappointed “.

In fact, Mark Latham and Pauline Hanson are the only ones thus far who are honest enough to say that “ they have had a gutful. “ In America, everyone tiptoes around the issues with slippers on their feet and even President Trump has dropped the ball every now and again of late when it comes to calling the bull shit out for what it is.


Australia and America are a band of brothers. And this brotherhood is going to be vital in times to come.

The Mayor of Seattle with her “ Summer of Love “ ; the MSM who have applauded the Black Lives Matter hypocrisy that is so rampant throughout the world; the Politicians who all say how tragic the death of George Floyd has been; give me a break. As I said in my previous article, he was a THUG who put a shotgun to the belly of a pregnant woman. No, he should not have died by suffocation at the knee of a cop who had an historic axe to grind with Floyd. But they were both mongrels and neither one has my sympathy or outrage. They were BOTH thugs.

No sympathy for Justine Damond’s killer either.

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This is a Culture War. Fueled by the Vultures who are circling around the dying corpse of Decency and Traditional Values.

So it was refreshing and inspiring to hear President Trump calmly and eloquently say what so many of us feel.

Throughout the world, we have had a gutful of these haters of decency. We have had a gutful of these haters of heritage, history and all that has made us such brilliant Nations that so many wish to flock to.

How many leftists and “ refugees “ are lining up to migrate to China?

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persecuted for being Christian

When I watched his speech today at this monument to American freedom and the birth of a Nation that has been so emblematic of FREEDOM, I felt such a surge of Patriotism. For America and my own country of Australia.


He spoke of the titans of Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

But he then said something that really resonated with me: He said that

 our children need to learn that we need to not tear down our heritage but LIVE UP to our heritage. “

That was powerful stuff.


well, I can dream, can't I?

He then said that we only kneel to Almighty God. 

Trump spoke of the titans of Mount Rushmore, the faces of America carved into a mountain in South Dakota.

As the sun started to set, and I saw those sage faces looking down on me and the crowd gathered beneath its shadow, I could not help but think how we must appear to them today.

Throughout the world, People are letting our heritage, our integrity and our history be wiped out by a group of Marxist anarchists who hate us.

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George Washington, the founder of America. Thomas Jefferson who penned the Declaration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln who fought to free the slaves and Teddy Roosevelt who did so much work to create National Parks, build the Panama Canal and was the first Environmentalist in history I would argue.

President Trump reminded us, throughout the world , that the monuments we created inspired us all.

That the left do not want to make a better world but end our world.

That we should not be intimidated by bad evil people.

The intimidation has to end. NOW.

The Silent majority must speak out and speak loudly.

As President Trump said today , quickly and with great dignity.

We need not get on our knees my friends from around the world. No.

We must stand tall and proud and say one word and one world only when these anarchists and Soros funded Antifa thugs bully us.

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And that word is

NO. Because we love our Nations. 

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