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As I watch the footage of American cities on fire over something that the rioters have either lost sight of or never cared about in the first place, I feel fear for all of us.

If they win this battle, we are still in danger of losing the war.

These riots are a declaration of Civil War - not by the Law abiding Citizens but of the non Law abiding Citizens.

Call it anarchy, call it Bob... it doesn't matter. But call it for what it is: Civil War.

If America falls to this anarchy, then EVERY Democratic Nation on this planet will fall.

I read a tweet this afternoon from a fellow Australian who said that he/she was sick and tired of reading about America. What had this country to do with us?

What, that person questioned, did America have to do with Australia?

Well, I have to say, to my fellow tweeter, a hell of a lot.

Over 100 years ago, we entered in to an Alliance called ANZUS.


Born out of the First World War and born out of horrific warfare by countries whose LEADERS decided that we were ripe for conquest, we banded together as a BAND OF BROTHERS and pledged to fight and, if necessary, die together, on the battlefields that so muddied and defiled our cultures ( that word again ) and left so many towns and communities bereft of young men to tend our fields and womenfolk.


Those Brothers in Arms marched on to the Second World War and on into Korea and Vietnam. To Afghanistan and the Middle East.

New Zealand dropped the ball and decided that it wasn’t cricket and pretty much became conscientious objectors… but the Australia and American comradery marched on and exists to this day.

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So when my Australian friend questioned the preoccupation with America, I wondered: have we forgotten this 100 year old relationship? This


This brotherly relationship of love, loyalty and larrikinism?

This bond that was forged in the trenches and on the battlefields and in the air and on the sea and on the beaches as they fell in combat or fell to illness or fell to the despair of suicide or post traumatic stress?

Why, I was asked, do Australians care about America? What does that have to do with Australia?

And of course, why would America care about us?

Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, that Australia is strategically situated in the Southern Hemisphere. We are a wealthy Land, ripe for the plucking by a hostile Nation like a certain Panda. We have resources that other continents and countries not only envy but covet.

In short, we are a Land open for Plunder … Downunder.


Yes, we should run and take cover. 

Our Chinese Communist Comrades are building bridges – not of Love or fond ideology – but bridges over which they will travel to come down under to plunder and reap or rape what we passionately believe is OUR Nation. OUR Country.

They have taken Hong Kong without so much as a whisper from World governments. Just a tut tut and a “ oh dear they have been very naughty boys “ – much like they did with Tibet all those decades ago.

Much like the West did when they surrendered Poland to Hitler.

When a Nation is hell bent on domination, there is no room to draw a line in the sand that keeps getting re drawn a few metres or feet back.

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You either draw a line in the sand or step away and abandon it and accept that you kowtowed and bowed down and gave up.

Hong Kong has fallen or is falling – I am not sure right now. But rest assured, if Hong Kong falls, Taiwan will fall and shortly afterwards, small debt ridden Nations of the South Pacific will fall.

New Zealand, under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern is fast becoming New Xiland and Australia stands alone as the beckon of hope and the beckon to plunder.

So why do I believe that Australia and America are important to each other? Why do I believe that what happens in America is important to Australia?


Because it bloody is.

Our military is depleted. We have ordered diesel submarines that are not going to be delivered until 2050 at the earliest.

We have limited defence against any invasion – only this year, Chinese warships, yes, warships, sailed into Sydney Harbour and the Government said they didn’t know about it.

We are sitting ducks.


Without the protection of America we are sitting in a pond waiting to be shot. Our pond is the South Pacific and Duck Season has been declared open.

China has the shotgun. And it is about to fire.

I would like to know that America is looking after my pond.

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