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Theodore Roosevelt – one of the latest statues to be vilified. A man who refused to shoot a bear cub and whose act of kindness gave birth to one of the favourite companions of children all over the world : the Teddy Bear. A man who led the cause of Conservation of Natural resources; a man who was a Conservationist and helped create the Forest Service ; a man who mediated between the workers and the employers to create a “ Square Deal “ ; a man who oversaw the construction of the Panama Canal; a man who lost Government as a Republican to Woodrow Wilson , a democrat who was staunchly opposed to the reform and promotion of Social Welfare.

In fact, Roosevelt was a man who never toed the Party line and never stopped fighting for Social Justice. A fiercely loyal patriot, his goal seemed to be one of Nationhood and Equality for all.

It goes beyond the scope of this blog to elaborate on his career – but, suffice to say, he could hardly be called a bastard and certainly not one whose statue would be taken down by a group of vegan environmental activists. In fact, the Teddy Ber was immortalised in " Mash " when Radar went to bed each night with his beloved Teddy.


He was not without fault. Who is?

But his service to the United States of America and his contribution to Conservation and Social Justice cannot be ignored or torn down..

So why do the Left want to defile his memory?

Is it because they have no idea who he was and what he achieved for two of their key gripes? Social Justice and the Environment?

Some idiot said she applauded the destruction of Churchill’s statue despite having not personally met him… I thought “ Oh, God! Give me strength. Is this what we have come to? “

My Dad cried when Churchill died. As a 5 year old, I snuggled onto his knee and told him not to be sad and that I would make him better with a kiss.

Dad just cried all the more.

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Read that and weep you ignorant moron who doesn’t know that Churchill died 60 years ago.

Apparently, MSM is truth and people like Alan Jones, Paul Murray, on Sky News Australia, are a pack of lying bastards… and our own Australian Broadcasting Network are bastions of honesty.

Give me a bloody break.... they are toxic hatefests against everything that built our Nations and they despise anything that builds and does not destroy. 

I believe the latest target of BLM is none other than Jesus Christ. They sure aim big these days, don’t they? The dude that was a pillar of gentleness and would have been right at home in a “ let’s all be nice, kind and love each other ‘ fest is now the next one for the chopping block.

Can you imagine this? The most persecuted bloke in history is now an enemy of the Left? 


But I think these uneducated fools who don’t know that Churchill is a dead dude and that Queen Victoria ended slavery and that Abraham Lincoln appealed to the enslaved cotton workers of England to help in his cause to eradicate slavery in America – well, how can I expect them to know that Jesus Christ is the earliest emancipator in our recorded history and – to tear down Christianity is to tear down the very building blocks of Humanity?

Incidentally, there was a very good book written about the subject.

It’s called the New Testament. And it forms part of a series of volumes, all housed in a book called the Bible.

Jesus Christ was a pretty good bloke. If the left BLM people think that he is a crook, then all I can say is

“ The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” - John 10:10-11


No wonder they want him gone too.

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