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As the insanity of the Soros funded New World Order sweeps the planet like a plague of locusts devouring everything decent it is wake, we are facing an enemy that is relentless and gaining strength. Not because of its numbers, but because our media and many of our politicians are encouraging it and demanding that we do not fight back.

This current wave of desecration of our monuments and the vilification of our public figures is an international disgrace.

Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Queen Victoria, Sir Winston Churchill…. Men and women who did more to bring enlightenment and progress to the world than few have ever done subsequently.

To target these people who did so much is a symptom of the real virus that is in our midst: the virus of hatred, destruction and absolute control. This article focuses on Abraham Lincoln, whose memorial was so horrifically defaced in the recent riots.

Abraham Lincoln led the Union to free the slaves in the south. As part of his passionate campaign to free the slaves, he appealed to the cotton workers of Lancashire, the home of the cotton mills in northern England. Lincoln reasoned that if the exported cotton from the southern states in America was not processed, the workers of England’s north could hold the key to winning the battle against slavery.

Cotton from America’s south was shipped to the port of Liverpool and then transported to cities like Manchester, where the massive cotton mills would weave the cotton in to cloth. In 1860, 2,650 cotton mills employed nearly half a million workers in the region. These workers had been fighting their own battle against harsh and inhumane working conditions – it was a no brainer that they would be “ ripe for the picking “ as sympathisers to the slaves in America.

This was not a colour war. It was a war of classes.

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Lincoln created a blockade and, with the support of the workers of Lancashire, the cotton mills closed and many workers were left facing poverty and homelessness. But they were stead fast in their support of emancipation of the slaves of the south.

60 % of Lancashire workers were unemployed.


On 19 June 1862, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was read and it announced that slaves would be set free and their “ owners “ would not receive a dime by way of compensation.

Coincidentally, Trump's first post pandemic Rally will occur on June 19th.... 

The British workers kept up with their support and the ruling classes of Britain became concerned that this American movement was growing and was highlighting their own treatment of the enslaved working class within their own country.

Lincoln thanked the workers for their support by sending ships full of supplies and an American sculptor George G. Barnard created a a six-foot-tall statue of Lincoln that stands in Manchester today….. unless it is destroyed like so many have been of late.


To deface a memorial to a man who fought so hard to free slaves shows me that perhaps our education system is no longer about teaching, but about preaching. And that these riots have nothing to do with Equality or Justice - but quite the opposite. 

That he was so supported, at great sacrifice, by the cotton workers of Lancashire is testimony to the magnitude of this remarkable man.

I am moved to fury and rage as I write this. How have we allowed this ignorance to prosper in our world today? That supposedly educated people would deface a memorial in Washington DC - one of the greatest supporters of Equality and Justice for All is treated so reprehensibly?

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All to support a man , George Floyd, who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly, trafficked drugs, beat people up and was a drug addict?


Our entire value system is absent these days because people have not learned history. Students are too busy learning gender studies or women’s studies or weirdo leftie idiocy studies, or masturbation studies, or whatever other lunacy study they can come up with.

To rate a thug over a true leader of mankind who cared so much for his fellow Man is so warped that I cannot help but think of the words of Leon Trotsky and say to you rioters, looters, Antifa thugs, ignorant fools who are killing your futures and those of your fellow citizens:

“ You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on – into the dustbin of history! “

Leon Trotsky.

Fancy that? I am quoting Trotsky and I bet he will spit tacks from his grave when he sees that I have stolen his words and applied them to the people he hoped to destroy.

But we, from the common sense and decent side of humanity have our words stolen, twisted and misinterpreted every day.

But no one can misinterpret Abraham Lincoln’s words:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln



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