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Well, the democRATs may as well save their campaign money, pack up and go home. After the State of the Union address, Trump showed that he was competent, compassionate and had his finger on the pulse of the American Nation.

I cried, sobbed, smiled, beamed with pride and applauded in equal measure. No doubt mixed like a Vodka Cocktail that Nasty Nancy might have downed before enduring the torture of listening to her President address her Nation.

As Nasty Nancy scanned the speech that lay in front of her, I could not help but wonder if it was the speech – or maybe a wine list or a cocktail list from a fancy cocktail bar. She seemed so engrossed in it. If it was a cocktail list, I suspect that she chose something that had two shots of vodka, a good measure of bitter lemon and hold the ICE. Much as James Bond would have ordered, it seemed to me that Nancy was shaken but not stirred.

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For indeed, throughout what must be one of the most stirring and emotionally charged SOTU speeches in history, Pelosi sat cold faced, bitter and as hard as a lead coffin full of botox.

Her ladies in waiting, all dressed in white – which must symbolise pure ( as in pure evil ) – sat, grim faced and full of contempt as President Trump reported on his outstanding achievements DESPITE AND IN SPITE OF THEIR roadblocks.

Just imagine what he could have achieved had they not stood in his way and prevented him from carrying out more?

Like a Vodka Martini from Hell, she was like the Leader in the childhood game of “ Simon Says “ her ladies in waiting watching her and waiting for instructions from the Queen B ( for bitch) to sit, clap, not clap, look blank faced and generally look like sour faced lemon eating sour pusses in need of “ a good bit of lovin; “

Yes, it was that bad.

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President Trump moved on from facts and figures to People. Some well known but most were obscure and normal Americans who have done or experienced abnormal things in their lives. People who are ordinary but did extraordinary things. People who had nothing but could achieve greatness, given the opportunity to achieve greatness by a small gesture.

It was a SOTU address that was about Americans rather than America – which, though it sounds strange, is a very important difference. He spoke about the American people, the challenges, the dreams, the expectations and the opportunities to prosper – if the Government gets out of the way, does its job and lets the citizens get on with the job of living the lives made possible by a responsible and effective Government at the helm.

When a Government hampers and hinders the lives of everyday Americans, through over governance, over taxing and over legislating, it stifles individual freedom and excellence. It stifles desire to strive to be “ The Best “ one can be.

All manner of pieces will be written about this SOTU address. I cannot begin to compete with the likes of the great Rush Limbaugh or others of his ilk and that is not my aim. These are the thoughts of an everyday Australian who wishes that the passion, determination, commitment and self sacrifice that President Trump displays every day was mirrored in our own group of incompetent and lacklustre so called Leaders.

By the end of the speech I was uplifted, joyful and full of hope for America.


The democRATs are cheering on some poor bastard to win the right to lose the most spectacularly one sided election in American history. Quite frankly, if I was one of the so called competitors, I would take my bat and ball and go home.

When Trump finished delivering his Masterpiece, Nasty Nancy tore up the speech. She said that “ it was the courteous thing to do “


Well, Ms Pelosi, if that is your definition of courtesy, I hate to think what you will do when you miserable leftie luvvie eco social justice warriors lose in 2020…or, was it that she was tearing up the articles of impeachment, knowing that it was over? 

Either way, after this speech, I think she will be having a few martinis, holding the ICE and with extra lemon.

Maybe with a side order of sour grapes and Black Russian chaser ….oh, and let’s hope her vodka isn’t Russian as well… that would be the last straw. But she should be OK, they banned straws in her constituency, didn’t they?

I may have just invented a new drink – the Courtesy Cocktail – 4 shots of vodka, juice of two lemons and a twist of irony on the side. Add a dash of sarcasm and you are done.

And I mean DONE.


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