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 A very important part of life is how the family all works in with one another.     When you read of some of the things that different family members get up to  and how it reflects back on the other members it can be very upsetting.    Not only for the Parents but for the Grandparents  as well.   Everyone thinks they have done their very best to  show the right way  for their children but sometimes the teen agers think they know best.

Just think about it,   Your Son, your Grandson , comes home  and you sense something is amiss,  you find out he has become a victim of drugs,  you have the same reaction, pity , horror, my god where am I going to turn to,    to try and rectify this curse.   Rehabilitation, Doctors, Family gatherings to discuss  if you are brave enough to bring it into the open.  Then the merry go round of .. it is working, then failure , a repetitive cycle,  that will and could go on for years.  

Just look at the number of children who have practiced Arson in the Australian  bush fires.    The disgrace , the humiliation that those boys  have brought upon their unsuspecting families.   It goes beyond imagining  the scorn and in some cases pity too,  that neighbours and friends  would be feeling.   How could your son be capable of even thinking about doing something so dreadful  let alone actually  doing it.   They will not go back to school a  Hero even though they may think that they will.  They will go back to face reality .   Ridicule ,  scorn and isolation.


You have a daughter , very attractive , polite, well behaved , the family both Parents and Grandparents love her.  Horror upon horror she comes home  one evening from either University or  work  and what does she present you with,   a tattoo ,   on her left leg.     Disfigures it immediately , bad enough if the leg is damaged because of an accident , she is given  plenty of  sympathy , but a tattoo.    The family is upset, they help out financially  and to think that good money is wasted on such a disfiguring thing.   Later down the track  it is the other leg then the arms.    This beautiful young family member has destroyed herself forever.   We have all seen it.  


The Royal family is in the same situation,   a member has stepped out of line , several members actually, but Prince Harry of all people.   Even the Marines and other groups of the Military have felt betrayed and let down.    They want him removed from his elevated position .   He is not worthy  , he has let the side down.    We as parents and grandparents  overlook a lot of questionable behavior but there is a limit , and I think the Harry and his wife have stretched the patience of their family.

When I read that article about the disgraceful behavior of Prince Harry and his wife it made me think of different things that children do that upset the family as a whole.  

Here we have two very privileged  people who don't know when they are well off.   People loved Prince Harry , they shared with him his sense of fun and enjoyment.    I like probably many others were concerned when he decided to marry a divorced woman, it was like turning the clock back to the days when another Prince married a divorced lady.

The Queen and Prince Phillip have over the years done everything that was expected of them and more.   Loved and held in very high regard  by everyone.   Most members have pulled their weight and done their best.   Prince William an excellent example.   It is such a shame that a much loved member, Prince Harry  has let his people down  because he has let himself be led by the nose into a playing field that he should have stayed out of.   His behavior at a time of  his Grandfather's ill health  and the concern of the Queen for Prince Phillip's  wellbeing is  thoughtless and cruel.   Shame on you Harry.     It will be very hard for you to find somewhere to live where you are welcomed.

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