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The Satanic Church of Noosa ( yes, you read that right ) has just been given permission to place a pentagram in the Chapel of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.  The chapel is now a place that no self respecting, God loving Christian or Jew would ever enter. 

Welcome to 2021 folks. The world is officially insane and the darkness is descending.

For those of you who do not know about Noosa, it is a sleepy little spot on the northern Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. It is one of the only northerly facing beaches in Australia (which to you lot from the northern hemisphere is like south facing. In other words, it's good.  The surf rolls in on a good break at First Point and Laguna Bay is a lovely spot to swim and sunbathe, even in mid winter. The eateries of Hastings Street are well known for their food, their location and their rather high prices. 


Decades ago, a lady named Betty had a burger bar in the Tingirana Arcade where you could buy a top notch burger for a buck and a bloke called " Hey Bill " used to flog suntan oil sprays on the beach. Delivered by bikini clad girls, of course.

I used to work in Hastings Street and I remember seeing a koala walk through a restaurant at about dusk one night: the diners could not believe their eyes. 

I still live there. Back when I arrived, in the 70's, you could buy a block of dirt on the waterfront on Noosa Sound for $18,000. Today, a house there is up to $18 million. 


During this batflu bullshit, we have been largely unaffected by what is happening around the world. We still go to the shops and we stare mockingly at any dickhead who wears a mask. 

Our Premier, a rather plain and dumpy leftie, we here at Patriotrealm call Pluck a Duck,  has led our state into financial ruin by shutting borders and stifling the economy with green leftie luvvie climate change policies. Our economy runs on tourism and mining royalties. She shut down both. 


But the sun still shines and the surf still rolls in and we still bitch and moan when we go to the skin clinic to get another skin cancer burned off or dug out.

In fact, I would hazard a guess that relationships have been formed as a result of an encounter at the local skin doctor rooms... of which there are plenty.  

So it came as a shock to learn that the Noosa Satanic Church was given permission to hold a black mass here a few months ago. Instead of sunbleached long haired surfers, Noosa hosted hooded devil worshippers. Gone are the days of the VW combies and the koala bears mooching through eateries in Hastings Street. The local council allowed a satanic mass. 


Emboldened by their good fortune, the head honcho of the Satanic Church sought AND WAS GRANTED permission to turn the Chapel at the Sunshine Coast University hospital into a place where Satanists can pop in and worship the devil, should the need arise.

Satanists are celebrating what they are calling, "a small but important win for religious freedom" after succeeding in having the pentagram added among the symbols of recognised faiths displayed at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s multi-faith centre.The Noosa Temple of Satan said it is working with the hospital to have its spiritual leader officially recognised as a minister. 

“We think it's important that Satanists can access the right spiritual support during their time of need,” the Temple’s leader, Samael Dema Gorgon, said on Facebook

Noosa Temple of Satan co-founder Trevor Bell, 56, said it wasn't a particularly difficult step to take. 

“I think there was already something like seven or eight different faiths that were listed there in the chapel and I don't think it was that hard to get on the list," he said. 

"I think they were quite inclusive and quite ready to add Satanism to the list and it was done relatively quickly without a great problem."

A Queensland Health spokesperson told SBS News that its service cares for patients of all religious backgrounds and displays world-recognised religious symbols in its facilities.

“Queensland Health staff care for patients of all faiths in their facilities and these patients are entitled to request and receive support from their faith leader,” Queensland Health said in a statement. source

It has taught me a valuable lesson. No matter where in the world you live, there is evil around us all. 

inside devil

I only hope that Revelations was right and that when the devil rides into paradise, it will mean his time is up.
The alternative is too awful to contemplate. 





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