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As each day passes, the Corona Virus becomes more puzzling and less like a flu because the MSM is not keeping us informed. I am not sure about you, but I am increasingly searching for news and updates because the media seem to be ignoring the one thing that news should do: report . Not distort.

It depends which site you go to, which newspaper you read these days – the story is the same but different. At the moment Corona Virus is variously described as a bad cold, a nasty flu, an unprecedented  potential health crisis or a Biblical Armageddon.

So what the hell is really going on?

For me, I simply do not know. While China is placing 56 million people under travel restrictions because less than 200 people have died ( which, to me seems a bit of an overkill ) there are folk like me who find this somewhat worrying. Up until the quarantine of Wuhan, it seemed to be just a nasty “ bug”. Then the quarantine areas expanded. At that point I thought “ whooh, Nelly, something is wrong here. Closing provinces? Closing airports? Blocking off roads? Building new hospital centres?

Nope, something isn’t right here.

Yet Australia is still allowing flights from China and accepting passengers and handing them a piece of paper that says that if they feel crook, pop along to a Doctor – we will pick up the bill and have a nice stay.

Now, I have a problem with that.  Many older folk and ( guess what? ) sick people go to Doctor’s waiting rooms to GET TREATMENT for their existing health issue. Not to sit with some newly arrived “ escapee” from Wuhan who, days after arriving here, starts to fell like crap and decides to follow the Government’s direction and heads off to the local neighbourhood  Medical centre.

Maybe I am paranoid, but I cannot see this being a rather wise or sensible thing for the Government to suggest.

Some poor sod suffering from a sprained wrist or in for a Cancer check up could contract this bug while innocently sitting in the waiting room and Bob is your ex Uncle.

Sorry, No. Not right. Not fun and not fair.

It is all very well for the young and fit folk who have robust immune systems.. but this, in my opinion, is flawed and potentially very damaging advice from our Government.

Our borders should have been closed a week ago. Two weeks “ wait and see” to find out what the hell is going on.

Meanwhile, we have people arriving here, already here and walking among us, encouraged to see our Doctors all to what end?

Is this to keep the lucrative Chinese tourist market and student market open and thriving? At the expense of our People?


Masks, hand sanitisers and disinfectants are being bought out by the Chinese here who send the produce back to China for sale on the black market.


I don’t know about you, but I am pissed off about this and I feel that our Government has let us down.  Badly.

I am hunkering down for the next few weeks – I am not particularly enthusiastic about risking my wellbeing or that of my family by shopping, wining or dining in public spaces.

It will be a glass or two of something strong, at home, eating what I have and waiting. Because, within the next few weeks we will have the answer.

Was Morrison right or wrong?

I am on the fence right now and do not intend to wager on my life or that of my loved ones until I know what is really happening.

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