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The Kiwi fight is on. At last Xindy has an opponent who could actually topple her dictatorship and consign her to the forest floor to scrub and peck and wonder how it all went wrong.

With little over 2 months until the New Zealand election, the Crusading Communist from the Woke Weirdo Left thought she had her job in the bag. Suddenly, she has a fighting foe from right stage about to tell her that she may end up being the understudy in New Zealand’s great play: “ The Future. “

Xindy Ardern – with her arrogant and condescending love of all things non Kiwi and all things Muslim and all things China must be wondering what the hell just happened.

To think, only days ago, she was facing up to a man who toppled his appointed leader but didn’t have the bottle to stay the distance. Less than a month from his coup, he stood down in the face of “ personal health issues. “

Todd Muller couldn’t even man up and tell the New Zealand people what those issues were.

If it was because he has had a Cancer scare? A nervous breakdown? If he was so precious why on earth did he do what he did in the first place?

WHY? What was behind this?

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But, no matter, that is yesterday’s fish and chip paper.

I hoped that Judith Collins would step up but what a gutsy move. It takes a real LEADER, a real fighter to step in to the breech with the knowledge that she is taking on one truly staggering challenge: to fight back against the Marxist takeover of New Zealand.

Because that is what is happening. 

The ascendency of Xindy should frighten the living daylights of every Kiwi. 


To many of my American readers, you must wonder why a Government in far off New Zealand has anything to do with you? To my Australian readers, ditto.

Well, as the saying goes, Where we go One, we go All.

We must stand united in the face of this destruction of Democracy. No matter where. No matter what Nation. New Zealand is tiny, but it is mighty. It is the bolt hole for the rich and famously dangerous. It is the home of Rocketlab, the little known launching pad of satellites that so few had heard of or even know exist. Read the article and draw your own conclusions.

Judith Collins is someone who can and will fight. She has been compared to Margaret Thatcher. I doubt that she will be “ stared down “ by a novice Marxist who has had it her own way for far too long. After all, Judith is no racist.

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Being the darling of the MSM is one thing. Having to stand up to and debate a woman who is determined, articulate, patriotic and fiercely committed to a democratic New Zealand is quite another.

 download 2020 07 15T134230

Judith Collins is no amateur and, mark my words, Xindy’s love affair with the New Zealand People is over. She must get her big boy pants on, man up and realise that she cannot play the misogyny card; she cannot play the racist card; she cannot play the mother card.


She will have to step up to the plate against a fellow female, a fellow mother and a fellow Kiwi and will have to ditch the buzzwords and trite excuses.

Judith Collins also has another string to her bow. She will be a Leader. Xindy has had the advantage over the National Party since Key resigned. A rudderless Party that did not have a Captain that could be relied upon to rally the troops, unite the group and run up the rampart and hold the flag.

This is a woman who will LEAD.

Something National Party supporters have lacked for too long.

Much like a family, the unit can only stay united with a strong LEADER. When squabbles and bickering break out, someone has to step in and say “ Enough. “

Xindy has been a very powerful Matriach. Collins will be even fiercer.

Who would you choose?



Gerry Brownlee will be the Mike Pence – in the background, doing a lot of heavy lifting. I have faith in his ability to do so.

It is now up to Kiwis to get behind these two strong and Patriotic New Zealanders and say:

“ We want our Country back. “

Well, my friends from across the ditch… do you want your country back?

If so, fight. And fight with your vote.

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