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You know how one day you just know it is time? You just get that feeling that it is time for the world to wake up? 

Well, I have that feeling. Right now.

I suspect that the world will wake up, instead of waking from a dream, the people will wake in to a Nightmare,'And, when it is exposed for what it is, it will be beyond horror.

It will no doubt be censored because it will be too hard to comprehend. Mark my words, we are about to go into Hell and we will not wish to be there . 

The Lefties will shriek and scream. But we are about to enter into a realisation that was so crazy and so beyond belief... but it will be real. 

Welcome to Hell.



That is the fact of the matter. If Epstein committed suicde or he was arkancided `is almost immaterial.  If he was extracted, safe , is almost immaterial.

Epstein was and is the name, the voice and the tag that all of the Western World is focussed upon  because he is the epitomy of all that is toxic in the so called woke world.  People who worship the Devil will end up in his Domain. 

Was he arkancided? Was he moved to somewhere safe in order to do a deal?

Who knows. What we do know is that he did not commit suicide.

Epstein knows too much. No matter what, he had to die or be left with a deal with the Devil. Which is somehow fitting, given that he has danced with the Devil for so long.

For myself, I believe that Epstein danced with tne Devil and had many chums, 

Here was a man who became a multi millionaire  This articile is not about his life about how we know it. There are many who would do it better than me.

Yet no one has asked why and how this man got away with so much, became so rich and only now he became exposed.


Had Hillary Clinton " won " the election, I would not be writing this. 

In fact, had Hillary Clinton won the election, we would already be in hell.

Tell me, how many of you truly are sad that Epstein is dead/ extracted?  I bet not too many.

You see,people like me don't sleep with the Devil.

Yet we have no idea what the hell is going on with the " body " of Jeffrey Epstein.

I say, his body is alive and well and spilling a huge amount of informatioin right now. 

After all, he has friends in high places... or was he " rescued " by friends in  higher places?

Hmm, all I can say is that Epstein is alive or not alive, but suicide was not part of the equation. 

My two bobs worth is that he is alive and ready to spill his guts.

And watch Andy Randy.

As I said, Lefties. Welcome to Hell.

And by the way, Hi Hillary and Barack.

Oh, Cheers.







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