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I am so angry right now. What have we done to our older, decent, kind and caring older citizens around the world?  This is not about America or Australia or New Zealand, the UK or elsewhere  - this is a global situation that needs to be addressed poste haste and our Governments need to sort it YESTERDAY.

I have been corresponding with an older person in Victoria, Australia, who has an appointment with her cardiologist. She had to postpone before and now is seeking help on twitter to find out if she is safe to travel from her home in regional Victoria to her cardiologist in Melbourne. 

She has rung her cardiologist's office and they don't know. Telephoned  the local MP and he was not sure. Rang the Police and no luck. 

THIS is bloody ridiculous!

This older Australian wants to know if she can go to an overdue appointment to her CARDIOLOGIST for crying out loud - and no one knows if she is allowed to?  She has a letter from her heart specialist. Will that be enough?

I truly despair at what is going on right now.  Because, you see,, no one knows what is going on.

Does this not terrify you?

If it doesn't, it should.

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It seems that our Governments ( and yes, since the Chinese bomb imploded, we have multiple Governments, not Federal Governments )  have decided that older people are not worth the effort.  Apparently, Constitutions around the world are merely pieces of paper and things called flags matter not in today's woke and PC world.

It would appear that this Covid virus is a virus that seeks to shut down our democratic process, our way of life and our freedom to move, interact and engage with others. This virus is preventing people from knowing what is happening in their own lives, how they continue to live and stay healthy. This virus is killing free speech, free movement and free living of life.

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Never, in my wildest dreams or nightmares would I have believed that an entire planet could be brought to it's knees by a bug. A bug that has killed fewer people than the normal seasonal flu bug each year.

We have allowed our Governments to destroy our economies and our ways of life because of something that has been manifested by MSM and our Governments to be the Black Plague of the 21st Century? When, in fact, it has been a political and media fear campaign.

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This has to stop. Now.

It is not fun and not fair to treat our older and respected citizens with such disrespect and to instil fear and a sense of hopelessness in their lives.


Most importantly, we need to find our voices and say NO. No more to this warped governance.

After all, they are looking after themselves but they are not looking after us. Here is my latest update from twitter.

Her secretary just rang me back. Blimey they are useless.

She said to use your common sense and if I get stopped just tell them where I’m going. I said it doesn’t say anything like that on the websites. She then said get a letter from the specialist, which I have now. Again I said that’s nowhere on the website. Here’s the bit that got me..... She said no, that’s like saying you need to have a permit to travel for a medical appointment. I don’t need a permit but I should have a letter from my specialist if it allays my worry if stopped.
So that is the best that people can do?  Because, no one knows what the hell is happening?
Is this the death of Australia and our way of life? 2020 - the year that the world died and turned in to the living dead? 
Because it certainly seems to be the case. 2020 is the year that our lives were turned from living to living hell. We now no longer live. We exist. 
We breathe and go to sleep, wake up and go through hours of time in order to go through an enless Groundhog Day.
Is this, in fact, the death of normality?
Because, unless our PRIME Minister gets his shit together and pulls the State Premiers in to line - much like America and the Governors - we are being ruled by Health Officials who have no idea what the hell is going on. 
Our so called elected Representatives are doing a  poor job of governing ON OUR BEHALF and we, instead, are being ruled by dimwita who we never elected.
I seriously wonder why we are paying our Politicians if all they do is appoint some health official to essentially run our Nation?
I did not vote for that.
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My writer Redhead wrote today, in an email to me:

"Boris needs a haircut.
Just seen a photo of Boris with his hair blowing in the wind...  Poor fellow must be like the rest of us, can't get to the barber.   I wonder is he too suffering from Lockdown syndrome????
I think  I am, I feel it has tampered with our emotions, I feel tearful at anything sad or  even remotely sad .  If it is  a story of cruelty I cannot bear to read it,  or even think about it because the tears will flow.   I wonder how many other people feel this way.
Our lives have been so disrupted and changed that one feels as if it will never return to the happy  carefree days of " what shall we do today "   when you go off to the movies or join your friends on a walk along the river.   Take the  grandkids for a treat.  Things that you decide to do without planning .. impromptu .. pleasurable.
Will those days ever come back?    Or are we stuck in this miserable world  of masks, lockdown and restrictions.
I have never put on a mask, been in lockdown , but it has made an impact on my life.    I only shop for groceries, visit the Doctor to get a  prescription  repeat, or several months ago the form for the yearly driver's licence  to say you are still able to drive.    Oh what fun I was planning on a trip around all the States !!!! (sarc)
Every Winter I look forward to visits from the family.   One in particular loves to come up this way in his caravan 
spend some time  around the beaches of Rainbow beach and Hervey   Bay .    But not this year...   In lockdown!!!!
How many people have had the disappointment of no visitors ,  nothing to look forward to , just more of the same , a very quiet life where one day merges into the next.    Maybe  lucky because  some of us are not in a very regulated life , we are not like the poor Victorian under the spell of Comrade Dan .  Fined for any  breach of the rules, lockdown,  because of inept decisions.   Banned from travelling to other parts of Australia , no one  wants Victorian visitors.  
We should all be working together  , deciding collectively  what is best for everyone.   Not a particular State deciding to have its  individual way   when the rest of the States are going in another direction.   Aren't we one Country?   At least I thought we were, we should be making decisions together  for the benefit of everyone.   It has been proven that not working together has been a disaster . 
I like the rest of you pray for the   return of normal living , happy  ,  normal days ,  not just marking time  filling in the days and living in Hope of better things to come. 

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