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For years now, many of us have expressed concern about the entry of migrants -, refugees and visitors to our Nations without any form of quarantine. Many of us have been perplexed by the importation of foreign foods and no quality control where our countries are potentially laid bare to infiltration – not by foreign spies and monitoring “ bugs “ but by bugs of a totally different type. These bugs can kill us and we do nothing because it could be seen as racist.

When will our Governments wake up? When will the woke wake up? When will the left leave their rhetoric behind and have the guts to say “ No. “

Will it take a world wide pandemic outbreak of an horrific nature to get the UN, the lefties, the Governments and the minions of Soros to admit that unlimited and unmonitored movement of people and goods between countries is a disaster about to happen?

And perhaps already happening?

All because China has such control over Trade and our Financial futures, are we too afraid to close our borders to them?

Why are we still allowing free flow of people from China into our countries? Why?

Australia is expecting half a million – yes, half a million Chinese students to come in to Australia to return to their studies in the next few days and weeks.


Surely this is irresponsible, absurd and against every rule in the book whereby our Government has an obligation to protect us, as the People of our Nation?

Surely America has an obligation, Australia, France, anywhere…. ? Every Nation on the Planet?

Close the borders. Now.


We already have cases of this disease in Japan, Australia, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand… every time a plane lands it has the potential to spread this dreadful disease.

Ellis Island, after all, was the entry point of so many who dreamed the American Dream and they accepted the quarantine… yet today, nothing. Fly in, wipe your nose, sneeze, and have a cough … after all, we do not want to be racist.

I know so little about this Corona Virus, only that it is far worse than we are being told. Why do I feel this?

Because my gut tells me that you do not quarantine 15 million people because 50 odd people died.

Why is China closing off parts of China to quarantine - yet planes can fly in to our Nations freely?

Something is wrong. I hope I am wrong.

I will learn more about this and I encourage you all who read this to comment and post links so that we can find out what the hell is REALLY happening.

Rest assured: we have to STOP the free flow of migrants and stop it now. It may already be too late.

It is not bat soup, eating baby mice or snake supper. This is very serious and I believe that it is time to close our borders, get out of the UN and take back control of our Nations.


Wuhan is the home of laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, according to an Israeli biological warfare expert.

Did the virus escape accidentally or deliberately?

We may never know.

But one thing is certain:

Our borders are more important than ever. Our countries, our Nations are on the line. We MUST secure our borders, re introduce quarantine and, if, heaven forbid, I am right, we must get rid of the United Nations and restore Nationalism, borders and Sovereignty.

Even if I am wrong, we have had a dire warning. The world has changed and free flow of people from country to country must stop. It would certainly be good for carbon emissions….

When people come from other countries, they bring cultural diversity and new input.

That input includes the ability to kill us all.

I am not sure that I am OK with that. How about you?


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