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The Chinese Virus is seeing Australia leaping from Recession to Depression and our economic freefall is almost inevitable unless something is done.

The Wall Street Crash in 1929 was almost the Corona Virus of last century in terms of the economic and social chaos that ensued.

Australia had borrowed heavily and, because of falling commodity prices, we were left with loan repayments that we could not make. Our Government was in disarray, worker discontentment was escalating and unemployment was at alarming levels.


According to the National Museum of Australia website :

In April 1925 Winston Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, returned Great Britain to the Gold Standard, whereby the pound sterling could be converted to gold at the rate it had been pegged at in 1913. However, the price of gold was over-estimated and British exports became more expensive on the world market.

The Australian pound was valued in relation to the pound sterling and so Australian exports were also affected by this change. Wool prices dropped steadily from the mid-1920s and wheat fell precipitously from 1930. The value of Australia’s wheat and wool exports halved in 1929 and 1930.

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini all promised a better life These political leaders took freedom of speech and religion away from the people who disagreed with their dictatorships. Dictators began to use the ideas behind communism or fascism as a way to continue to maintain the power they held.

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When War erupted in Europe, the world went into manufacturing overdrive.

In fact, it could be argued that World War 2 was the way out of the global depression because men went off to fight, our factories had to manufacture for the war effort and our rural sector was needed for food production. During the Depression, our spirits were buoyed by the glory of Don Bradman, the sheer wonder of Phar Lap and the distraction of sports in general.

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Now, our sports heroes are too busy kneeling to offer much hope of hero worship.

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Good on Israel Folau.

Back to the story :

Fortunately, our wool would later be vital in contributing to the war effort. Massive amounts of wool went to manufacture uniforms and blankets for our Armed Services.

In fact one great factor in our economic recovery was our manufacturing sector back then… not so today when we make sweet bugger all.

China must be rubbing its hands in glee thinking of the bargains it will be able to swoop down and buy up when our economy is brought to it’s knees by debt and despair.

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I read this morning about something happening in Anchorage Alaska, where it seems that the locals have had enough of the lockdown and are refusing to play ball.

When faced with a new emergency order that stopped indoor dining, the owners of the businesses started setting up makeshift outdoor dining areas. Other owners defied the ban completely. According to one Anchorage resident

“… our liberal mayor felt he needed to subject the city to another 4 week ban on indoor dining & bars. 2 Diners said they couldn't afford another shutdown and remain in business, and have decided to defy the mayor.

The first to do so, has had to close 6 hours early the last 2 days because so many have shown up to support them they ran out of food!

When the city thugs showed up Tuesday to serve them papers, everyone in the restaurant and in line outside booed them, and one security guard that looked like a cop was immediately challenged by patrons.

People have been calling in and asking to pay for random tables' bill's, and when I was there at the early closing Tuesday a king paid every open tab. Now today 2 more eateries have said they will open up as well! “


Many in the industry say the new ruling will decimate their businesses.

Far be it for me to comment on what the people of Anchorage are doing, but it certainly highlights the fact that people have had enough.

We are fast approaching a “ use by “ date . How much longer can the economic sacrifice and mental stress being inflicted on the general population continue?

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In my opinion, isolate the sick and at risk and let the healthy get on with working, making money and living in some semblance of normality.

End the hotel quarantines and reopen the detention centres as emergency quarantine facilities.

Instead of importing workers from Vanuatu to pick fruit  – get the some of the lazy young dole bludgers off their couches and onto buses to do something completely different.


Anyone who is fit enough to protest is fit enough to do a few month’s work. Pay back some of the years of Government assistance they have had doled out.

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Start the Bradfield Scheme, get them digging holes and labouring in the fresh air. Plant some forests; teach them how to work as a plant operator. Get them doing apprenticeships. Reintroduce compulsory military service. After all, the way China is going we may need all boots on the ground sooner than many would like to consider.

Unless something very drastic changes, business owners will start doing it the Alaskan way and that is not something our Federal or State leaders would relish.

No matter what, the signs are all there for a global confrontation politically.

This time around, will we fight or simply sell our souls to the devil and kneel as cowards?

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