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Ok,  I know I am dreaming, as Darryl Kerrigan would have said, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if Queensland went True Blue, Dinkie Die, proper old fashioned and the pair of Outsiders won the election and we got our State back? If it happened, it would be going straight to the pool room.


Anyone who remembers that iconic movie from the 80’s The Castle will remember old mate Darryl fighting for the right to stay in his home.


To me, a stead fast and true imported Queenslander from 1978, I have loved my State since I arrived and, of late, have felt like a stranger here. The days of the prawn of the barbie ( cruel ) , cricket on Whitehaven Beach when a certain young lady clean bowled Allan Border because her bikini top fell down (sexist) ; when Sir Joh outlawed gambling and pornography ( dictator ) ; when Lady Flo ended a miners strike with a thermos flask of tea and a batch of pumpkin scones ( bribery ) ; when corruption was what we today would see as not even worth mentioning = the good old days.

Why do I feel this way? Because, back then, we were ruled by a Law that has disappeared from our lives.

“ Federal Court Judge: And what Law are you basing this argument on?

Darryl Kerrigan: The Law of bloody common sense! “

Ahh, yes, the good old days.

We are now ruled by a group of women who feel that they know what we want and that we are somehow incapable of making up our own minds as to what is important in our lives.

Apparently, mining is bad. Coal is bad. Farming is bad.

It is far more important to munch an avocado and let our livestock starve, our bush towns die and our export earnings plummet, our towns get threatened by out of control bushfires due to lack of firebreaks, our tourists leave for fear of getting eaten by a shark, our State perish… far more important to make sure that the leftie luvvies in Brisbane feel good about climate catastrophe than worry about our State.

Surely that defies Darryl’s Law of Common sense?

But no, Ms Trad and Ms Pluck a duck feel that a potentially endangered species of ground slug is more important than the Queenslanders who pay their bloody wages.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a gutful. I am, as Redhead said, FED Up.

In terms of our State elections next year, I personally feel that we need to start campaigning NOW.

I want ON and Katter to form Government. Because they give a damn about us, our State and our fellow Queenslanders.

Let us hope that the Katter Party and One Nation start early and start to field good quality candidates in EVERY seat outside of the Brisbane soy boy avo munching mumbo jumbo seats and we


We are proud Queenslanders.

Feather Douglas lived in the bush and spent time in a place that few have ever visited.

I have met people that have endured yet thrived because of their enormous Queensland Spirit. In a place where city dwellers would perish should they ever have to spend a week there, let alone a lifetime.

It is time for us to take our State back and, as Darryl Kerrigan said, so very well, all those decades ago

It’s the Law of bloody Common sense.

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