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How to climb out of the Covid-19 Pandemic quickly and efficiently based on the mitigation of risk by ‘like-minded’ societies.

We all know that the Asian region, engages in practices of the most vile, barbaric and inhumane treatment of small wild animals. 

These so called ‘ wet-markets ’ rampant throughout China and South East Asia, refer to the exploitation of small exotic animals and are a code word for ‘blood markets,’ the most inhumane treatment of small terrified animals on the face of the earth.  Totally abhorrent to those of us who are used to treating animals with dignity and respect, who have rights and feelings, just as we do.

A REAL new civilized world order must be instituted.  You are either part of the civilized world or not part of the civilized world. Your country will be ostracized if you choose not to join the civilized world. Travel will not be tolerated to the civilized world.

There has to be a serious consequence for the death and catastrophic economic destruction that has been caused by these uncaring societies, who were actively seeking out these innocent endangered animals such as the reclusive horseshoe bats, in the most remote caves of china by a virologist actively seeking the Corona virus.

They literally had hundreds in captivity in Wuhan, China at a top secret virology lab, just 300 meters from the now infamous Wuhan Wet Market. There is talk that bats were actually sold by an unscrupulous technician to the Wuhan ‘wet market’.

This totally makes sense to me, as I once lived in Hong Kong back in 1970 and was witness to these so called, wet markets.

Chinese New Year was always a time that exotic animals, including bats, monkeys, snakes and creatures too numerous to mention, are traditionally in very high demand for human consumption.

There needs to be a major ‘Please Explain’ about all this.

Therefore, being part of the ‘new’ world community means adhering to basic principles of decency to both each other and to our fellow inhabitants, the animal kingdom. This is the only way to stamp out this affront to humanity.

With the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus affecting almost every country in the world it is a perfect opportunity for a hard global reboot, a time to place severe restrictions on those in the world community, who do not wish to participate in this new and civilized world order.

With the rapidly developing technology from the US & Australia, it is a very simple exercise to test those who are intending international travel.

Prior to travel a health visa is now the new requirement. Once a vaccine is developed that will be an additional requirement.

A clean bill of health: Start off slowly.  Install Covid-19, testing machines at international airports. Test people prior to even going to the airport for an overseas trip. Have a ‘Green Card’ app certifying freedom from the Covid-19 virus and certification of country of origin within the incubation period. Travel only between Australia and New Zealand in the first instance to test the system due to their relative isolation and common values.

They have also had a very robust and aggressive response to the pandemic and hopefully will emerge quicker than most with the virus under control.

The key is now to get the highly important tourism and airline industry back on their feet before the damage is terminal, so to speak.

In the future, expand it to USA & Canada who would have a similar system. Then UK and exclude countries that are showing no willingness to join the civilized international community. Trade would also be affected for non-compliant nations.

This will achieve three things.

Firstly, the economies of those co-operating countries will be saved.

Secondly, it will honour those of us who value our fellow citizens & creatures in the animal kingdom and the beauty they bring to the world.

Thirdly and most importantly, future generations will be spared these pandemics, unnecessary deaths and financial global meltdowns.

The statistics below, show just how easily that portion of the world that chooses to bring famine and death to all of us will be replaced. 

This is our wake-up call. New Zealand and Australia need to really start working together for their long-term mutual financial and health benefits…

Time to start planning everyone!

NZ & Australia travel statistics from the April 7 – ‘Tourism Ticker.’

The following table shows the 2019-year short-term visitor arrival data for New Zealand and Australia, listing the three largest sources of these arrivals.

Short-term visitor arrivals – 2019

                        New Zealand






   From      Australia


     From China


   From China


     From NZ


   From USA


     From USA








A supporting article from 7 Apr 2020  By Contributor to Tourism Ticker, New Zealand.

Brian Gaynor, Milford Asset Management founder and part-owner of BusinessDesk, on how New Zealand and Australia could create their own ‘tourism bubble’ to speed recovery from Covid-19.

The New Zealand and Australian tourism sectors seem to be encouraging their residents to take holidays at home but a better option, once the virus is under control on both sides of the Tasman, might be to promote the two countries to each other under a bubble scenario. This would have much wider benefits, particularly for trans-Tasman airline operators, airports, hotels, travel agents and other industry participants.

A potential solution, key to this, is to develop an Australasian smartphone app that could be used in both countries to enable people to travel more freely between the two countries. The app would contain records of a traveller’s virus tests and immunity data with a green code signalling that the traveller was clear to cross the Tasman and able to take a much quicker route through airport medical requirements.

Baby steps, but steps founded on a common code of decency. 

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