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Just when you thought crazy couldn’t get any crazier, they manage to outdo themselves.

Sperm Positive is an awareness campaign in New Zealand that could connect people with someone HIV positive if people wanted to have a baby using a donor's sperm.

 Read that again.

Sperm Positive is an awareness campaign that  COULD connect people with someone HIV positive if people wanted to have a baby using a donor's sperm.

While the sperm bank is not a " real one ", it offers the chance for people to be put in touch with a donor who is HIV positive. Funded by the New Zealand Aids Foundation, Positive Women Inc and Body Positive, the campaign, the goal is to raise people’s awareness of AIDS and to reduce the stigma associated with it.

Three HIV positive men have risen to the challenge and made a deposit. And these deposits can be withdrawn should someone request to do so. 

What is the pre occupation these days with throwing time and money in to promoting stuff that, to the vast majority of the population, is not that high on life’s agenda?

I feel sad that people have been afflicted by the terrible disease. It is marvelous that the treatment has come along so far and that it is not the horrific death sentence that it once was. But this sort of campaign does nothing, in my opinion, to ease people’s minds and hearts where AIDs is concerned.

Having had Cancer, I know all too well the fear and uncertainty that sits like a dark shadow on you once you receive that initial gut wrenching news. I am not an organ donor, because if there is 1/1024th chance or even on in a million chance that I could inadvertently pass on something that could pose a risk to another human being, count me out.

Surely this sort of campaign is really nothing more than a gimmick and one that has no real benefit to anyone? And, to be fair, is AIDs something that should be used as a gimmick? Or am I being to touchy on this subject?

My concern goes somewhat deeper on another level: We have so many “ woke “ people out there these days who seem quick and eager to get on the band wagon of every progressive liberal cause, that they may just request some of this sperm as a way of supporting this campaign of wokeness…..

Like the woman who proudly supports abortion on demand, decisions are so often made by adults on behalf of an unborn infant who has no voice of its own. Is it Right or Just to RISK a little one’s health just so that you can pat yourself on the back for being so …. “woke” ?

It may well be true that HIV is no longer passed on to a sexual partner or to an infant through sperm. But surely there is no guarantee that the medication used to fight this dreadful affliction has not had some impact on the donor’s sperm? Indeed, is it worth the risk?

Is this just one more step in the direction of deconstructing the Family Unit, heterosexual normalcy and traditional values... Or is it something else?

Under Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand has gone from a feisty little country that was fiercely independent in its attitudes and defense of individuality – to one pre occupied with global socialism and the rights of anyone but the average Kiwi.

That AIDs treatment has come a long way and is now being managed so effectively with medication, we should be very thankful.


But to use unborn lives in potential moral point scoring is a dangerous and unnecessary road upon which to travel. If there is even the remotest possibility that the effects of the medication cannot be guaranteed, then the concept of ethical responsibility cannot be ignored.

I cannot help but wonder if this has anything to do with New Zealand’s rather innovative Medical Malpractice law? I am not lawyer, but it does raise some interesting and disturbing questions.

“ I n 1974 new zealand adopted a government-funded system for compensating people with personal injuries (operated by the Accident Compensation Corporation, or ACC), replacing its former tort-based system. A generation of New Zealanders has now grown up knowing the ACC as the primary method of dealing with personal injury claims, including medical injuries, and avoidance of litigation is widely regarded as a social gain.  Reforms in 2005 removed the final fault element from the compensation criteria for medical injuries, making it a true no-fault system.”

Far be it for me to imply that this is the perfect country to have a trial…. The thought never crossed my mind.

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