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Today, I sit, alone, in lock down, pondering what the future will hold and how the hell we will cope moving on? After all, China, whether it admits it or not, WAS the source of the virus that has brought the Western World to its knees, our economies to the point of collapse and our lives to a punctuation point that may be a semi colon, a comma, but could also be a full stop. 

Oh, the outpouring of love for China and its Citizens has been enormous. The outrage from the liberal left that racism could prevail - to such an extent that Italy encouraged people to hug a Chinese person. Well, that worked out well, didn't it?

Our outpouring of humanity, open borders, love of our fellow Citizen and embracing of all creeds colours, ethnicity and background has been bloody marvellous, hasn't it? An overwhelming success. We are now fighting for our lives.

GOD BLESS OPEN BORDERS? NO! NO! A thousand times NO!

Our lives  have been turned upside down, the western code of life has been broken. Our private lives have exploded and the phantoms of our old lives are outside walking around and we are trapped inside our homes wondering what the hell happened.


Things seem to be sliding from what we knew to where we fear we are going. Over the years, our morality has turned into a sewer of depravity and subdjucation of the innocent has overtaken common sense. Life has become a hedonistic lust fest where unborn infants are dispatched to the baby parts factory and morals dispatched to the dustbin of yesteryear. Apparently, it is not trendy to like children and many feel that Christianity is as bad as a Nuclear bomb and that the Christian Church is a symbol of all that is wrong with the world.

Sodomy is the cool thing at present: homosexuality is wonderful, sexual deviancy is fantastic; Communism and Socialism is the only way to go and our Laws are now reflecting this moral and social shift in what we apparently consider normal. Women, from Islamic Nations, tortured and stoned for throwing away their gowns that hide their identity and self expression as human beings... nothing said by our feminists. 

Somehow, our lives are now part of some structured programme for our own protection, yet anti semitism still seems to be prevalent and Islam is protected - only Jesus born a Jew, seems targeted and those that later followed him and called themselves Christians.

Over the millenium, we have seen civilisations rise, then fall and, right now, I suspect that we are seeing a fight for the civilisation known as Democracy, Capitalism: thriving on the Right to prosper through hard work - all this, about to be overturned.

I call it MURDER.

President Trump is fighting the fight of his life. He is also fighting the fight FOR our lives.

When he speaks about an invisible enemy and a Battle and a War then we must listen to his each and every single word.

I fear what he knows but cannot say.  He is suffering from broken nights in rooms where all eyes are upon him and he is trying, so desperately and valiantly to fight a Battle and a War - we have lost our ability to measure pain, sacrifice, infection or even what the hell it is we are fighting anymore.

All I know is that President Trump is doing his best for me, you and every person in the Free World and he is facing the Devil. And this Devil is cracking his whip, riding in and has his minions riding beside and behind him.

May God Bless President Trump. May God Protect him and treat him kindly. He is the only person who stands between us and a Future that is murder.

Donald J Trump is saying " it stops here. It isn't going any further. "

His warning has fallen on deaf ears for years and now the wheels of Heaven have been suspended and the devil's riding crop is beating down on the hounds of Hell as Soros, China, Clintons and the Cabal ride in and try to defeat David, standing against Goliath.

We MUST support and protect President Trump. Otherwise, the Future? It is Murder.


 Thanks to Leonard Cohen. 



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