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Apparently, Australia is no longer young and free but one and free. This is just another brick in the wall and we must stop and consider the ramifications of this seemingly benign " little tweak. "

We saw it happen with the "voluntary opinion poll "  on Same Sex Marriage.  It will happen again with our anthem. The minute you give an inch to the vocal minority, they will DEMAND a mile. That is how it works.

I am not happy that this decision was made by Prime Minister Morrison as though it was no big deal. It IS a big deal and it is not and was not HIS decision to make on behalf of 25 million Australians. 

To say that I am furious is an understatement. It is not the one word that is the issue: It is that it was done without consultation with the Australian people; it was done in response to a loud obnoxious group of activists who would barely rate 2% of the population, and it will lead to complaints about the anthem itself. 

In short, this is the beginning of the destruction of our Traditional Australian backbone.

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The logic behind the decision is that Australia is not a young and free Nation. Apparently, we are an ancient country and Australia existed long before the First Fleet.

What utter nonsense. If we apply that logic, we would be still known as Gondwanaland.  

Mind you, the Batflu has done a good job of turning us back into a bunch of colonial governorships, hasn't it?

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Australia did not exist until 1st of January 1901 when the Federation of the States took us from being a group of colonies and we were born as a Nation. In my humble opinion, that makes us a very young Nation, not even 120 years old. 

In fact, it has always been my belief that Australia Day should be amalgamated with Federation Day and celebrated on New Years Day. But that is just my personal opinion. It do not race off on a pedantic rant like the ABC and BLM, Antifa, the Greens and the Avocado munching mob. No, I just quietly keep that opinion and enjoy 26th of January like everyone else.

In the scheme of things, Australia as a Nation, is a kid barely out of nappies. 

In fact, if we look at the lyrics in general, they are probably a load of rubbish these days anyway because we are no longer ONE ( as Mr Morrison asserts ) and we are certainly not FREE.


If we want honesty in the anthem I rather favour Gideon Rozenr's alternative lyrics:

 Australians all let us despair
We’re under lock and key
With borders hard and lockdowns harsh
Our lot is misery
Our nation is deeply in hock
The budget’s beyond repair
With jobs destroyed, freedoms denied
Farewell Australia fair

When the calm and rational Australian people said, in an opinion poll, that they had no problem with changing the Marriage legislation, little did they realise that this would lead to 59 genders,drag queen storytime and puberty blockers for our children. All since 2017. 

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I am hesitant to add that I have " gay ' friends because that always sounds so defensive. But the bottom line is I don't care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home. If they find pleasure in each other's company, good luck to them. But this single tolerant and common sense sort of opinion poll was grabbed and acted upon, passed into law and a lot of people thought " whoah up a minute here. I was asked for my opinion, not to vote like it was a referendum. "

I do not give a bugger what people do in their bedrooms, male, female or whatever. I only care about how we all act in public. Is that so hard to understand? 

But what has happened is that gay couples have been used and I do not like that. 

This time the Government didn't even bother to ask our opinion. The Prime Minister just went and did it anyway.

We all know the next step will be the change of the anthem, the destruction of Australia Day and the old stalwart of " change the flag. "

If we allow Morrison to get away with the change of one word, it will lead to bigger and " badder "  things. 

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Don't forget that Malcolm the Turd ( may Allah infest his armpits with the fleas of a thousand camels ) is patting Scomo on the back and lining up his next move in the chess game being played at the moment. Problem is the King ( Charlie, Randy Andy, Harry with a handbag ) is as weak as a teabag with no tea in it ; the Queen is now weakened by a traitorous and useless family and Parliament; the Knights are all military fairies and the Bishop's are all bonking each other. The poor bloody pawns just move where they are told to and game is over before the first move is made.

It is like the people who are saying that if Trump " loses " he will come back in 2024. Rubbish. If this election fraud succeeds there will NEVER be another free and fair election in America.


We must also remind ourselves that Queensland, Victoria and WA use Dominion voting machines....

If we, as Australian's allow this change of ONE word to go unchallenged, our one and only NATION will be changed forever.  We won't get another. 

It will be farewell Australia, it has been nice knowing you. 

Please don't let this happen. 






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