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Come on, people, this is insanity. Our Australian Universities are paying Chinese students $1500 a pop to head to Cambodia, Thailand or elsewhere, get on a plane and avoid the lockdown for Corona Virus? Really? Truly? What the hell is wrong with them? Money means so much that they are prepared to pay people to potentially infect us?

I shake my head, feel like pounding my fists into a slab of concrete and wonder: how the hell did we get here?

Our once great education system is now ranked at the bottom of the world. Our kids can barely speak English, let alone hold a pen or write, add or divide. They cannot read anything without becoming bored or distracted… and we are ranked 39 out of 41 Nations… just above Romania and Turkey… in 2015.

Yet Chinese students flock here to embrace our educational facilities…. Paying huge amounts of money to be “ educated “ in Australian Universities.

Bloody hell, does no one see what is happening here? Someone can come to an Australian University, pay enough money to get a degree and head off to God alone knows where with a piece of paper that now belongs in a fortune cookie. Something that says that you will do well and congratulations: you just got a degree from an Aussie University and you cannot speak English.

MONEY. All about Money. We have allowed our Universities to prostitute our degrees, prostitute our Country and prostitute our INTEGRITY for money.

In the midst of a serious global health dilemma, Australian Universities are offering cash payments to Chinese students to exploit a loophole in our border protection in the midst of a health crisis … for money.

What on earth are they thinking? They are prepared to expose our entire country to a virus that has no vaccine, is still mutating and still unfathomable to health experts throughout the world… for $$$$?

Yes. It would appear so.

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In the meantime, our kids cannot read, write, hold a pencil or name a country on a map and that is fine… because we are throwing billions of dollars into a broken education system with crap teachers who themselves can barely read or write.

Our children cannot be taught that Sir James Cook was an Explorer, not an invader, and that moslem terrorists are refugees, not invaders.

Our children are so dumbed down that they will grow up to vote for free stuff and never learn that free stuff has a very high price: freedom.

When you educate and indoctrinate children to demand that everything is free, you will get adults who have no work ethic. No ability to comprehend that you get what you earn.

The Chinese students come here, little English, pay masses of money and leave with degrees that are not worth the paper that they are written on.

And the poor Australian students who slog their guts out to EARN their degrees? Well, their degree is diminished.

What a crying shame.

Modernity has destroyed critical thinking. Money has destroyed the value of a degree from a University in Australia.

Will our University’s greed destroy Australia by importing people who may have or could have corona virus in order to satisfy their greed for money? Is this what we have become?

Have we stooped so low?

We have sold our water to China.

We have sold our farms to China.

We have sold our educational standards to China.

Have we now sold our soul to China?

Yes, I think we have.

Our port of Darwin has been “ sold “ to China. Our State of Victoria has sold its’ soul to China.

Australia has become a Prostitute.

Selling its’ riches, name, reputation, minerals, wealth… to China. Even our bloody education.

The Chinese Communist flag flew over a Police Station in Box hill in Melbourne…

No, Australia has been sold to China.

That we now have Chinese students being PAID to circumnavigate Australian law is frightening.

For myself, I am feeling less Australian by the day. In fact, I am feeling like an outsider in my own country.

After all, I am white.

So where do we go from here?

Nowhere, I suspect. Mr “ I am Scotty from Marketing “ will rabbit on about having a hug and kumbaya,

Peter Dutton will pull whatever hair he has left out of his scalp and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Meanwhile, the students will arrive and the University coffers will fill …. Let’s hope it is not with something that could cause us to FAIL in our duty of looking after Australians.

For myself, I don’t think the Universities give a bugger. After all, it is all about the money.

Follow the Money.

Update:  The University of Melbourne is now offering $7,500 to help them get around the travel ban.

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