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Something is terribly wrong in the world when a man can entice a 5 year old girl to perform oral sex on him and, because he says he " is sorry " he gets a pass.
This is not a game of monopoly. These are young children's lives, yet our courts continue to give them the get out of jail for free card, as long as they repent and say " gee, it was a sexual emergency " or " I wish I hadn't done it "

Some leftie luvvie judge hears the laments of the poor pedophile and nods in an understanding way and passes a sentence that is waived or magically transformed into nothing short of a roll of the dice in monopoly, a get out of jail card and a quick run through to go to collect $200.

All over the world, the filth of this world are getting free passes for hideous crimes because they were drunk, under the influence of drugs, culturally misunderstood or just really sorry for what they did.

Take a case in point. A young lass in Queensland, Australia where a 5 year old girl told the court that

'yucky stuff' went into her mouth and he made her touch his penis with her hands.

Apparently, the 31 year old offender was spared further time in prison because he showed his 'acceptance' of guilt and helped the girl avoid any further trauma.

Therefore, the judge sentenced him to three years in jail which would be suspended after serving a year.

For the other charges he was sentenced to 12 months with three years probation.

The sorry sod had served 341 days in jail before his sentencing hearing. 

He will be eligible for parole on December 21.

Out for Christmas and ready to enter the community again.


Much like the latest terrorist attack in London. A get out of jail free card because the monster who killed two people and attempted to kill many more was in a talk being given about deradicalization.

Well that worked well…..

He should NEVER have been out roaming the streets of London with his history of terrorism… but he DID say he was very sorry and was released from prison.


That is the problem today. If you are from the Left, all you have to do is say “ Sorry “ and all is forgiven.  If you are from the right, you say sorry and get sued.

We are in a depth of pain right now. Around the world and throughout the world.

All manner of things are being forgiven, accepted and sometime ENCOURAGED , as a result of the woke mentality that has seen our social compass unable to focus on north, south or any point of reference at all.

What concerns me most, however, is that those who say that they are sorry to the courts and left wing socialist Judges are now dictating that we say “ sorry “ for not agreeing with them and we do not get a get out of jail free card.

In fact, we go to gaol for hate speech if we dare to criticise these socially and morally “ diverse “ people.

In days gone by I would have used the words social deviants because they deviate from the social norms.

But, heaven forbid that I use such a terminology. No, I simply disagree with their socially “ diverse “ way of thinking.

If one looks in the dictionary, the words diverse and deviant are defined as follows:

Diverse: differing from one another

Deviant: straying from an accepted norm

Yet, today, diverse is applauded and deviant is denigrated.

How strange it is and how predictable the left is. Using words to manipulate public opinion.

Being diverse is good. Being deviant is bad. Yet they mean the same thing. But not according to the leftie luvvies.

For myself, I am diverse and I deviate from the views of the left.

However, I consider the 31 year old in Queensland a diverse, deviant bastard and the man in London a diverse, deviant bastard.

And both should have been locked up for the rest of their lives for trying and succeeding in changing lives forever. Not mine. Not yours.

But for one little 5 year old girl; two people who died on London Bridge and the many more who dwell in the fringes of their lives.

But they said sorry so that is OK.

Not with me it isn’t.


What do you think?

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