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When democRATs are voting for a senile sniffer or a commie comrade with a dicky ticker, a fake Indian or a miniature cash hound I guess it says a lot about the mentality of the average leftie.

Crazy commos with no heart, no heritage and no brain.

I mean, seriously, Sleepy Joe is so “ woke “ that he could fall asleep on the red button, trigger a missile attack and not wake up until he arrives at the Pearly gates and says to Saint Peter “ Did I miss something? “

It is reminiscent of the one and only episode of the Simpson’s I ever watched when Homer put a doughnut on top of a red button and set off a nuclear emergency.

Crazy Bernie is like “ Animal “ from the Muppets – yelling  “ Loud! “ He does bear an uncanny resemblance and makes about as much sense.

I feel sure that if Bernie stood on a democRAT stage and yelled “ Free! Freer! Freest! “ they would applaud and vote for him and hope like hell he won the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES because he was so much about FREE… forgetting that free does not come without a cost.


Old mate Lizzie the lady with the lowest amount of Indigenous American Indian blood this side of the Yangtse or the Ganges is twerking her way to obscurity, frolicking her fabulous footpath to failure whilst assuring her followers that she is genuine and “ one of them “.

Reminds me of


Then we have the miniature cash hound, Mike the man who has cornered the market in Robert de Niro knock off platform shoes and booster platforms – hell his whole campaign is about platforms. Platform shoes, platform boosters and platforms of “ I am richer than Trump and I can buy the Presidency because I am so damned rich and so well heeled… “


No, poor mini Mike is a dogged dealer in dickheadish dopiness and, well, I have to say even a daushund has more stature than this dash/cash hound running for President hoping to find a doggy treat.

It ain’t gonna happen Mikey. You are short in every respect. Mostly, short on integrity, honesty and Policy.

You see, the problem with the democRATs is that they are like the left in Australia and everywhere around the Western World right now. They are putting all of their hopes on getting votes from illegal aliens, refugees, lazy loafers in parent’s basements. University students “ studying “ gender studies, surf studies and hoping for a Degree in transgender Equal opportunity Communist Ideological Global Warming – and then wondering why they can’t get a job … yeah, that lot of no hopers.

But Sleepy Joe ( hail he with the hairy legs )


yes, and the words are Joe Biden's. 

Biden is miraculously leading the polls in Super Thursday – scratch that – Tuesday – who is so qualified to lead America in to the next Presidential Cycle – manages to so eloquently recite the declaration of Independence


“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” and went on to say  “All men and women created … by the — you know — you know the thing.”

Yep, a great Leader of the Free World. I am stunned by the magnificence of his oratory. No wonder the lap dogs, hot dog eaters, vegan activists, greenie Greta loving transgender tattooed soyboys and avocado munching man hating, pussyhat wearing warriors of wokeism love him.

He knows about as much as they bloody do.

And therein lies the problem.

Complete idiots have the RIGHT to vote. Illegal non Citizens have been given the vote.

The blind leading the blind.  The insane leading the insane. The dodgy dudes, dudettes and downright deadbeats who defecate in the streets, think that Reality TV is Reality ( just on TV ) and that A Red Man is better than an “ orange man “ that men are evil and pedophilia is OK as long as the child agrees…

Give me bloody strength to digest this outbreak of a virus that leaves Corona Virus in its’ wake; the Woke Virus. The ignorant virus. The lazy virus. The irresponsible virus. The free virus. The absolutely “ are you f##king mad? “ virus.

The PC Virus. The Greta Virus. The Political “ Walk Away from anything that could lose your seat in Politics “ virus.

The virus that has invaded our lives, our countries, our Political establishments for decades.

The virus which has left us with laryngitis for fear of being carted away to prison if we speak out. The virus that infects our Police Forces, our Social Welfare Departments and our families.

The virus of hatred of anything that is commonsense and traditional decency and rationale.

Where FREE is different to freedom and actually is hell bent on the destruction of FREEDOM.

Where a cold or a sniffle is the least of our worries. Where the only place we have left to be Free is in the Freedom of our minds.

The senile sniffer or a commie comrade with a dicky ticker; the fake Indian or the  miniature cash hound ; the Crazy commo with no heart, no heritage and no brain – are all swooping in to enslave America.

One will win. I suspect that it will be Sleepy Joe.

My concern is that this is all about the Sleeper, not the Sleepy one.

Forget Mini Mike. I reckon his running mate will be Big Mike.

Now that, my friends, will be interesting.


Update: I got that wrong didn't I? I totally missed the Harris factor. My bad. December 2020.


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