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Sometimes, it is only with hindsight that we can see what has been before our eyes - only we didn't even know it was there. The warning signs have been with us for years.

All around the world, the War on Humanity and Trump has been stepping up. It is now at fever pitch. I read this on twitter today and I wanted to share it with you. The battle lines have been drawn and we need to stand firm with one of the few Leaders prepared to stand with us.

Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America has more courage than our weak kneed sychophantic puppets across the globe combined.

Here is one person's story of an event from 3 years ago when many people should have read the warning signs.

This story tells me that President Trump has more support than the media and opposition would like and that they are prepared to do anything to get rid of him.

Whatever it takes.

And they have been planning it since his inauguration.

Monty, Patriotrealm. 

" Flashback to September 2017 Trump Rally in Phoenix AZ. We had decided if we arrived at the arena by 3:00 pm, maybe we could get a good seat. To be honest, with my exposure to all of the fake news, I didn’t expect there to be thousands and thousands of people in attendance. We soon discovered that the queue wrapped around 4 large buildings with several roped off mazes you had to track through along the way.

At the time, I couldn’t believe how many people were willing to wait in this extensive line to support this President. After hours and hours of circling buildings, we began to hear a faint chanting that increased in volume as we rounded the last building. I also heard those annoying mechanisms that make whizzing noises and a drum beat even. It sounded like a marching band at a homecoming football game.

” HEY HEY HO HO DONALD TRUMP HAS GOT TO GO”, over and over again until it was hypnotic. I had participated in protests before, where you make your poster board 10 minutes before you leave…hand drawn, sloppy…just as long as your message was readable you were good right?

These protestors were different. They all had these signs that just came off the printing press with bolded words, colors and printed images of Hate Trump Rhetoric and ANTIFA. They all had matching T-shirts and were chanting more hate rhymes that were well-rehearsed.

download 2020 09 24T101256

All of us in the Trump line were just watching this and not saying a word to each other. As we came within a couple of feet proximity to the protestors, we had to walk 10 yards where we were called everything from Red Neck NazI Bastards i.e., Trump Loving Pieces of $hit,then, someone jumps out of the crowd acting like he was a Trump supporter saying “‘I am going to kick your ass” and then he disappeared. In what seemed like perfect timing, a Mac truck drove by with flashing neon lights that said…IMPEACH TRUMP

We continued looping around this building and the line became less and less evident as we approached the entrance to the Rally. Even though the President had already taken the stage, we still had hopes of getting in. Then suddenly, I felt someone’s presence behind me and when I looked, this lady had her arms over her chest and was glaring straight at me-she must have been a foot away.

She was dressed in all red: red cape, red tights, red boots. I just stared back at her until we started to move again. It was Mayhem by this time and we never made it in, as someone had informed us that the doors were closed. We found out later that this was false.

download 2020 09 24T101601

On the way back to the car, I saw that lady wearing red that was glaring at me earlier. She had her cape off and her shoes off, casually talking to someone like she was off the clock. Because the protestors were not successful in triggering a Trump supporter to respond with violence, at the end of the evening they started throwing water bottles at the police. The next day on the local news all you heard was "Phx PD attack peaceful protestors w/tear gas"

The following day I found out that women who dress in red represent some international feminist movement.

This was in 2017 and here we are in 2020. I believe this is the same group that have been terrorizing all of the cities in this country, but now have paired with BLM.

download 2020 09 24T101959

They are just different divisions of the same violent force. I believe this has been organized by the Community Organizer himself,BHO, and funded by S0R0s and other anti-Trump entities that have tried to get him out of office since his inauguration.I have heard different stories of people like this staying in different hotels, in different cities around the country, just waiting for something, like the announcement of a Supreme Court Justice nomination. We are literally under attack right now by these internal forces.

How do we fight back is the question?? How do we stand up against this? " 


written by Leese, @BostonTeaParti on twitter - published here with permission. 


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