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People today staged a Freedom protest in Victoria, Australia. It was at the rather well known Queen Victoria Market - renowned for its fruit and vege stalls and great Australian produce.  

Today, it seems that Victoria is producing a new product altogether: a Police State.. 

While Nevada held a peaceful protest today with its key speaker, President Donald Trump, it seems that chanting " Freedom " in a public space in Victoria is not the done thing. In fact, having Citizens chant " Freedom " is something to get the Killer tomatoes out for and also the Riot Police. 

What the hell have we come to? 


It seems almost ironic that a fruit and vegetable market was the scene of a protest. We cannot recruit anyone from Australia to pick our produce because they are too bloody lazy to get off their backsides and get off their Government " wages " each fortnight, even our veges and fruit are being used as props to forment discontent and division.


This is truly one of the most frightening things I have seen thus far in 2020: Victorian Police being used to intimidate and frighten peaceful protestors at a market? A place that they used to visit freely and is now a scene of fear?

It is beyond belief.

It seems to me that it is somehow symbolic that the very market where this heavy handed and terrifying abuse of power by our Law Officers was staged will soon have little to sell because too many Australians are too lazy and too comfortable taking their $750 a week Government handout to get out and pick the fruit and do a job that will keep us fed.

Of course, our State Premiers are preventing many workers from crossing borders because apparently they are protecting us. They are sitting on their pedestals and watching as ordinary Australians are ploughed in to the ground.  

Like our produce will be because of the insane border laws and Government handouts. 

In America, people are standing up for the Police. Because they are largely standing up for the Citizens.

Not so in Australia. In Australia, our States wish to turn us in to a pulp to be a reconstituted juice that is 25% Australian and 75% imported ingredients.

And our cops are helping them do it.

I am reminded of something I read yesterday. When you disarm your people in order to prevent violence, all you do is make violence a certainty.

Disarming people is not just about guns or weapons. It is about disarming our voices as well.  Removing our Right to speak and protest. 

If you take our Rights, in order to prevent us speaking out and having a voice then violence is inevitable.

The Victorian protest at the Queen Victoria Market today is a change of mood.

The People of Victoria are as mad as hell and they  have had enough and they are not going to take it anymore.




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