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President Trump says that he is the President of America and that he is not the President of the World.

But many of us wish he was. Oh, how we wish he was.

President Trump is one of the only Leaders in the world right now who is DOING HIS JOB. And he is the only one not being paid to do it. 

While many of our countries languish under apologetic fence sitters, Trump speaks his mind and says to hell with keeping the activists happy. He loves HIS People and the Americans had better get out and vote in November and vote hard. Vote in person. Vote for a Republican President, Republican Senate and Congress and VOTE OUT THE rabid haters who are wanting to destroy DEMOCRACY and herald in the New World Order.

Vote like you have never voted before. Vote because your lives depend on it. Vote and turn America red with the blood of millions of Patriots who died so that you could vote.

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Vote with the passion of a life led in freedom. Vote for the children whose lives were destroyed in the name of progress called abortion.

Vote for the people slaughtered in the name of Antifa, BLM and democrat Mayors who do not value your life or any life but their own.

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Vote for the men and women who died in conflict in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East.

Vote for the people who sacrficed their lives in 9/11. The Firemen, the Police, the decent Citizens who raced to the aid of their fellow countrymen.

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Vote for the children who were murdered by thugs fighting a war in the name of Marxism and vote for the hard working folk who have lost their businesses throughout the world because China introduced a virus to bring our Nations to our knees.

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Vote for the elderly people in so called " care homes " who have died because our uncaring Governments regard our older Citizens as cannon fodder because they are not homes, no one cares and it is all about the money.

Vote to get back control of our Education system and restore our young people to a place of pride in their nations, not shame.

Vote to get " Educate, not Indoctrinate " back to our Universities.  Restore " Teach, not Preach " to our children and for God's sake.

quote a university is not a political party and an education is not an indoctrination david horowitz 87870

Vote to bring back God.

Vote to restore Pride.

 download 2020 07 26T130950

Vote to restore Racial Equality, not try to create Racial Divide.

Vote to open your eyes, not close them.

Vote to be One People, Under God.

Vote to lead, not show greed.

Vote to SAVE, not ENSLAVE.


Vote to be FREE because Free does not come without cost. 


We here in other countries can only support you from afar. But support you we do.

Your lives, your freedom and your future depend upon not only voting but voting RED in November.

If you do not wish to vote for yourself, please vote for me. And the millions of us around the world who KNOW THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP is the One Man who can save the world right now.

Your vote in November is a vote for you, for me and every silent majority throughout the planet who are relying on you to do one thing:


And Vote Trump , vote Red and vote in person.


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