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It is my late father’s birthday. He would have been 94. I am one of the old fashioned people who love and loved my Dad . I have no hangups or need for therapy to cope with his behaviour or memory. In fact, I think my parents are and were pretty great people. They gave me life and a life that I cherish each and every day I spend here on this place called Planet Earth.

I went to see Redhead this morning – my Mum - as you readers will know. We looked at photos of my late Dad and cried and sobbed and talked about him. As we always do. Everyday and every week and every year since he passed from this world in to the other.

We talked about “ The Gathering “ that we had when he left us those few short years ago and could not help but say “ We could not have had our gathering today under the Wuflu restrictions. ” We are grateful that we could hug and cuddle and laugh and cry together as a group of people who loved one man: My Dad. Redhead’s husband of 65 years.

Yet this would be banned today and rioters are OK. 

No wonder so many of us are pissed off.

The whole world is in outrage over a drug afflicted dickhead who died - yes by rather nasty means - at the hands of a man he worked with for years - let us be honest - they were both bastards.

Every death is a tragedy. Every death is worth marking. Every death is worth a place in the sand of time. 

Yet old mate George Floyd, a druggie and crim creates chaos throughout the world and my Dad passes with indifference and not so much as a mention  of " that's a shame ".

And don't the media and lefties love it.


My Dad's death was a death from old age and a dentist who simply forgot to give a repeat prescription for an antibiotic. But do we take to the streets? No. 

We, as his loved ones, got together and ate and hugged and and shook hands when my Dad died back then.  We stood together and embraced. Shared kisses on each others cheeks. Shared food and sat shoulder to shoulder and embraced each other's love of each other and my father. 

This humble man who taught us kids to fish, play backyard cricket, to work hard and be kind and good of heart... This lovely and gentle man who provided for his family and was on more than one occasion a pain in the arse for being dogmatic, opinionated and dictatorial in his workplace – No Smoking! Yes, my late father banned smoking back in the 1960’s from his workplace. Not because there was a Law, but because he hated smoking.

no smoking

He was a bugger, that is for sure. He died from a tooth infection that went to his spine and his dentist didn’t prescribe sufficient antibiotics.

But what he had was a heart. A soul. A sense of pride. A sense of common bloody sense. If there was a problem? Solve it as quickly and simply as possible.

So this brings me back to where I am today: on the birthday of my late father who didn’t take shit from anyone.

How the hell can any State Premier or Governor condone gatherings of 30.000 people when, today, I could not have a gathering for my father;s passing? How?

Seriously? And they cannot even spell...


Csn you believe this?

How is it that, should I have wished to do so, I could not, under my State Law, gather 80 people to celebrate my late father's birthday?

My Dad would be spinning in the heaven that he now lives in ( my Dad does not live in a grave – he lives on a higher plane ) and wondering why the hell our Governments are allowing this coup, this insurrection, this overthrow of everything he FOUGHT for in the Second World War – he would be up there with his mates saying many things he would never have said in Life.


That, had he passed today, or wanted to celebrate his birthday today, or us try to commemorate his birthday today - we could not have honoured his life ( because of the Chinese Flu ) and we had had to make his wake small , he would have accepted. Because he was an honourable and good man.

But to learn that his passing was a political gesture to lock down normal decent folk while others are given a free pass to gather in the streets and kill, maim and destroy homes and businesses – well, my Dad would have been pissed off.

And rightfully so.


As the world goes in to riots to defend the life of a man high on drugs ( and, no, it was not good that he died that day ) I find it tragic that our Governments are embracing the gatherings of tens of thousands of people to riot for a man who they do not know… yet I cannot celebrate the life of a man I love and know because, apparently, his life means nothing.

My father lived and died as a normal man. He never smoked, drank to excess or ever took drugs.

Yet the world is erupting in riotous outrage over a man who was high on drugs and – apparently – more worthy of outrage than my father.

Before you get all indignant, shit happens. My Dad died. George Floyd died.

One man never did anything wrong and another was a drug addict killed by a cop.

My Dad got a tooth infection and that killed him.

I don’t see you demonstrating for justice and killing Dentists.

Trump is as guilty of my father’s death as the bloody dentist.

Let’s have a riot – give me a break.


This is all about getting rid of President Trump and to be perfectly honest, my father would have died to ensure that Trump saved the world.

I know he would have. 

After all, he did always say 

" I only want peace, love and harmony. That's all I want "

And I say to you Dad, I agree. 

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