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In the middle of this sea of confusion and  concern, I could not help but write an article about how I feel about this global lockdown and  pondering : what is this really all about?  The Chinese Virus or the CHINESE VIRUS, and what is the difference. 

It may be that we are fighting the East v West, the final showdown, the Chinese Winnie the Pooh against America - the ultimate and penultimate fight to change the world as we know it - and yes, that is what this is really all about - Tigger and Winnie gambled and are about to lose because President Trump is the author now. He is writing the story and the characters in this story are up " the creek without a paddle. "

President Trump is in charge of this narrative and poor Winnie and Tigger are most unhappy. He has laid down a deadline: Easter. The Resurrection. Strange? No, not really. Our entire way of life has been brought to a closure because of a Chinese Virus that may or may not be the problem. I choose to think that it is the CHINESE VIRUS.

Over decades, we have witnessed our societies being bought and traded by China. Our Agriculture and Water being bought and sold to China. 

Our way of life being eroded because we have become dependent upon China.

Over decades, we have endured the humiliation of seeing our industry, our manufacturing and our ability to be self sufficent gone. In a throw of a million or a trillion dollars, we have become subservient to and reliant upon China.

Our debts are owned by China. Our companies are owned by China. Yet China receives aid from the United Nations as a developing Nation.

This developing Nation has brought our free world to its knees. In months. Not by war but by stealth. 

We, yes we, all free and God fearing Nations  have been brought to our knees, both physically and economically by a virus from China that now ceases ( apparently ) to exist in China but is rising in our countries and our places of domicile.

Our National Leaders are in a lock down mode. We must not venture out for fear of infection. We are living in a state of FEAR.

Who is in control here? Certainly not the World Health Organization. Certainly not my Government. 


There are only two players right now: China and America. Xi and Trump.

This is the biggest War ever played on our planet. 

While China infiltrates our countries and bleeds us of those things that we need in a time of crisis, President Trump is telling us not to worry. It will be clear by Easter. Resurrection Day.

I wonder if this day, coming to us is a sign - 


" I would much prefer to hurt you honestly than  to mislead with you a lie " 

" Till the Fear in me subsides. "

I must ask, what the hang is going on?  

There is a WAR going on and it sure as faith is not a war to defeat a virus from China.





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