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As our world descends under a cloud of Wuhan woes, I have noticed that communications are changing and once simple things to say have become more sensitively voiced. Truly, what is the greater danger today? The lurgy or the lurgy language we use?

We must cloak our words in politically correct language, douse them in soft sugar and drizzle some maple syrup over the words to ensure that we do not come off as being mean, nasty, batophobic or mention the name of a certain country in Asia of a Red persuasion.

Oh no, heaven forbid. It is most unwise to ask a direct question, make a direct statement or voice a personal opinion that might be deemed hate speech.

My Mum, Redhead, just sent me a copy of an email she has sent to a family member who is vehemently declaring the virus whose name must not be mentioned _ maybe we should call it the Scottish virus ( apologies to Macbeth, Shakespeare and all those who are associated with that cursed play) – anyway, he thinks it is nothing to worry about.


The email she sent is suggesting that perhaps he would be wise to postpone his travel plans to Europe and not pop in to visit her – an 87 year old – here is her polite email.

“ Hi,  Just returned from shopping.   Car park and  shops      very busy,  Some shelves empty of the  things like  baked beans rice, spag,  toilet paper of course.   No eggs and meat , the beef especially just about none.   Biscuits.     Even the dog loaf...   I have a good supply of chicken necks for the dog but Coles had none but IGA did so I  got the last couple of packs there.

     I knew things were going to be bad but I didn't realize how quickly  it is  snowballing.     What plans have you had to cancel or rehash.     If you fly into Aussie you have to isolate for  14 days , so that option is out.     If you have been on planes and in Sydney airport no one would want to see you.     I am so pleased “ Mary “ (name changed to protect the identity of the innocent ) cancelled her planned trip up here. ...    that would have been a disaster.  

The next thing will be,  no one will be  allowed to enter Aussie and  NZ from overseas Countries.  

      Some older lady   from up our way had her daughter visit , daughter had been overseas and called in to see her and they both got on a plane to return to Sydney and before the older  lady even got to the daughter's home she had died.  Must have got infected by the daughter on her return from overseas while visiting up here. Just imagine how the daughter must feel.   I suppose that is  something that is happening around the world.

    All the  oldies up here  who had planned and    paid for overseas trips have had them postponed or cancelled.     A lot go away during the winter here,  but not this year.   The problem too, is that  people are not going out and eating places are empty , Shaydee says the Resort ..  she lives in ..    has only the permanent residents.  Empty.. So a lot of businesses will be doing a starve .  

    Take care and lots of love   Redhead

PS So far all well here,   Cooler so much more pleasant, but  very quiet , hardly anyone out and about. “

When I read it, I smiled and thought that it needed to be set to music. It starts off with a gentle intro, builds to a crescendo of symphonic proportions like the 1812 overture and ends with a sweet little chirping bird.

What I think she meant was something more along the lines of this:

“ Just got back from shopping. What a bloody nightmare. Fuck all to buy. Greedy bastards panic buying have stripped the shelves bare.

If you come to visit, the gate will be locked. Don’t come. Oldies are dying and I am not ready to hand over my inheritance yet.

If you want to piss off to Europe more fool you. But don’t bring your bugs to me.

I love you but winter is coming and I am not ready to die yet. “

Why do we feel the need to sugar coat our communications with people these days?

Has Political Correctness so infected our societies that we even have to censor our words with close family members?


I have to wonder what is the greater virus – the Kung Flu – which will pass – or that PC madness virus that manipulates our verbal communication and has infected our entire society?

Perhaps, indeed, had we not been infected by PC Virus, our global responses to the Wuhan Wog would have been more robust?

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