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I just read the manicfesto of the Monster Raving Loony Party in Britain and to be honest it was more sensible than the Greens manifesto. The biggest difference between the Loony Party and the Greens however is that the Looney Party do not take themselves seriously. They actually promise that, if elected, they won’t implement any of their policies. The Greens on the other hand don’t even get elected but expect to have their policies implemented because they are masters of manipulation, emotional blackmail and media infiltration.

The Greens are in fact the Monster Raving Loony Party on steroids. They are a Party who have abandoned their grass roots ( pun intended ) and transformed in to a giant global bong of bad attitude, fear fostering and fire breathing eco evangelists whose sole purpose is to destroy Capitalism and replace it with a global government that is Godless, goal less and weirdly woke.

To be a modern Green, a person today must hate who they are and where they have come from. They must pledge allegiance to everyone and everything that is opposing what their parents and grandparents held dear:  values, virtue and hard work.

To be a modern Green, a person is not a man or a woman, nor is that person of any worth – even to themselves – because everything is focussed on the goal of destroying self worth, self respect and a desire to become a better person.


In fact, the modern Green is determined to become a non person of non binary bullshit who wants to be dominated by islam, fed raw vegetables, aborted at birth or any time before or after according to the whim of the mother figure ( who may or may not be female in terms of social definitions that are outdated and not woke enough) … yeah, even I am getting head spins trying to keep track.

But what is most troubling is that the modern Green is so hell bent on his/her/xis goal of destruction of self identity that they do not realise that they are campaigning for their OWN annihilation.

They have become Environmentalist Arsonists and Murderers and are fighting for their own suicide.

 Please note: the image of fires in the video is a composite overlay - not a real image. 

When I read that arsonists light fires that kill God Knows how many animals, destroy people’s lives, homes , memories and futures – all to prove that Climate Change is “ real “ ( yes, in Australia and elsewhere they HAVE campaigned to burn stuff )  then I have to stop and think : are the Greens more lunatic than sane?

 Are they so deluded, so full of zeal and the need to self destruct .. that they are willing to strap a bomb on themselves and blow themselves up so that they can meet their 72 turnips in the He Van and feel they did something worthwhile?


Are they any different to followers of the Big M who preached that Life was only of value if you raped, murdered and sacrificed yourself to him?

The Greens surely worship a similar prophet – one who does not care how many perish in his desire to create a pathway to a reality that few of us want.  I prefer a rational God. A responsible God. A caring God. A God that is the one and only God.

But the Greens, like the followers of the Big M, worship a god who is not real and is a manufactured political tool to divide and destroy decency and codes of conduct in society.


.When an object of worship over rides the common law of what is deemed to be reasonable, then society as we know it no longer exists.

Lighting fires in Australia and around the world to make a point is hardly reasonable, decent or morally courageous.

What makes it worse is that so many fires are being lit by children, under the age of being prosecuted and punished.

Surely, if a “ child “ is able to determine what sex they want to be, then they are also mature enough to be punished for lighting a fire?

In my opinion there is ONE GOD. And he is a kind and sensible God.

Sorry Greens, you are lunatics and you need to stop raving, stop being monsters and start doing what the rest of us do: have a drink, have a party and turn the bloody lights back on.




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