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Those words are just the  edge of what people who have been destroyed by these terrible bush fires  are feeling.

They are at the end of their tether, they have suffered mentally   the fear of what could happened and then it did.  They have suffered the loss of their homes and  burnt out properties, their treasured belongings , that can't be replaced.  

 Their children have seen and experienced things that most only read    about in a book.  Lost favourite teddy bears  , their beloved cat and dog.   Not to mention the animals on the farms that have been burnt and then had to be put out of their painful misery.  It goes beyond even imagining let alone experiencing it.  

Then we have the brave men who have gone beyond doing their duty, who  are more than tired, some have even been killed doing that duty , and it wasn't even their job, Volunteers,  we cannot even start to comprehend what they have seen and been through .   It is just too sad to even think about it. The loss and agony of the animals caught in these terrible fires, one would be bad enough   but hundreds of thousands, it would never leave your conscious mind.

When you see those photos of the  flames so near and   so high , what could be more frightening, not to  mention the terrible heat.   Then you think what has caused this dreadful  time of fires.   Yes, we have a drought, yes it is hot,  but what have we done to make sure these happenings are kept at a  level that can be controlled.   No, the greenies have put a stop to normal management  .    No clearing of trees  that are too close to houses.   No getting rid of the debris that falls to the forest floor.   No fire breaks ,   no pats on the back for someone who tries to minimize the risk, no, he gets fined because he overstepped the distance.  


I am told that in parts of the USA it is a law that if you live in the bush or forest you have to have 100 metres of cleared area around your dwelling.  You get fined if you don't, not fined if you do,  as is the case here in Australia.

People are very upset and absolutely fed up with the  lack of action on the part of the Authorities  ,  people who we felt would have the power to do something positive ,   who would do something about the fact that the  greatest proportion of these fires have been ARSON  , lit by either  kids or grown ups who know the consequences  of fire.   You can't tell me that 14 and 15 years olds don't know the risk of  having fun with a fire.  Deliberate!!   They know alright!!!!     Something more than a slap on the wrist has to be  done.   To blame these fires on Climate Change is a load of rubbish ,  how can that be when they have been deliberately lit by human hand.


My heart goes out to the    victims  of this overwhelming disaster  that is happening all over the  country.    I know we would still have the bush fire  season but not like this one.   This is 10 years of neglect , 10 years of burying our heads in the sand and listening to unqualified  people who worry , or say they  do , about the green frog  or little beetle, than they do about cattle ,  sheep , little koalas ,  kangaroos and human life.

We are seeing and reading about people who are so distressed and upset that they won't shake hands and       be told not to worry  things will come right .   That is not good enough 

No wonder they are  showing disapproval by not giving a smile and agreeing with the platitudes.  They want some positive action that will put a stop to this nightmare.

Maybe the answer is to put water and land management in to the hands of the Federal Government ?

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