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ISIS bride Shamima Begum can “ come home “ - I doubt the average pom is happy.

In 2015, the then 15 year old ran away to join ISIS and now wants to come back to the UK because it’s not fun anymore.

Shamina Begum is a traitor. She is the person who WILLINGLY boarded a plane, flew to Syria and joined forces with the devil. Something must be done to these rogue Judges and the moral morbidity that has infiltrated our legal systems. 

Married to a monster and having giving birth to his children, she shows no remorse, no sign of a return to sanity. In my opinion, she has become a monster herself. 

At the time, she had her British Citizenship revoked and it now appears that she is stateless because the country where she can claim citizenship says that they don’t want her.

Bangladesh appears to have more brains than the liberal British Court of Appeals who have ruled that she has the right to come back to Britain to plead her case.


This will open the floodgates to the 600 British Jihadi’s now in Syrian refugee camps.

Every time I think that the world cannot get any crazier, something like this comes along to remind me that “ yes it could. “

Here is a terrorist sympathizer being afforded legal representation, courtesy of the British taxpayer ( around $50,000 AUD so far ) and the British judicial system spouting words like  she should be afforded the protection of the British legal system, while Tommy Robinson is treated like a terrorist. Isn’t this just a bit back to front?

Reporter: They had beheaded people. There were executions.

Shamima Begum: Yeah, I know about those things and I was OK with it. I did have a good time while I was there. It was just at the end that things got harder.


All around the western world, there is a rotten core in our legal system. We have to do something and do it fast. Judicial appointments for life are dangerous and have created a barrier to justice.

The rule of law is being over ridden by zealous left wing “ human rights “ lawyers, Judges who are politicizing our courts and criminals being treated as victims. Victims being treated as criminals and the general public sitting back and wondering what parallel universe we have descended into.

While Tommy Robinson has been victimized for defending the 1400 victims of sexual abuse by muslim “ grooming gangs “; ( and I used that term sarcastically – they were and are people traffickers ) while our State and City leaders support the rioters, criminals and leftist mobs of thugs to the detriment of the innocent; while the MSM defend the indefensible and condemn the righteous, we are in a spiralling death fall into chaos and anarchy.


In Australia, a gang of under 13 year old boys have gang raped a 5 year old boy leaving him with horrific injuries. A 15 year old girl has slaughtered her 10 year old cousin with a knife and people are being fined thousands of dollars for not social distancing- while 30,000 gathered en masse to protest the death of George Floyd. Let’s not forget that George Floyd was the guy who put a knife to a pregnant women’s stomach during a robbery….


This whole “ one rule for thee and another rule for me “ mentality MUST STOP.

Have we not arrived at the stage where we must accept that multi culturalism is not actually multiculturism, but rather the United Nations and George Soros backed movement to import an invading People to overthrow the Native population and traditional way of life?

When our laws work against the many in favour of the few and promote the criminal to the detriment of the victim, have we not stood by and witnessed our own death by a thousand cuts?

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We have been forced in to a foreign way of live because of a Chinese Virus. We have been forced in to acceptance of behaviours and beliefs that are the oil to the water of our own beliefs?

We people who love our countries are being FORCED into accepting things and values that are so foreign to us, our upbringing and our day to day ways of living.

To many, we are now merely existing, waiting for the next catastrophe to descend like a dark cloud to further destroy our Faith.

Faith in our God, our Family Unit, our Judiciary, our rule of law, our sense of well being, whether it be financial, emotional or physical.

In order to maintain normality in our lives, decisions like this simply erode what little faith we have that there is a future worth aspiring to and it leaves me gravely concerned for our collective future.

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The Devil is in our midst.

Unless we want to feel his riding crop whip our backs into further submission, we must stop this insanity and let our Governments know that this is not acceptable.

The Bride of Frankenstein was a movie made in 1935 and is widely acclaimed as a Masterpiece.


Frankenstein was a monster, created by man. Let us hope that, like the movie, it ends with destruction of the monster and the Bride becoming human again. 

However, while our society treats the monster as a cult figure, I have my doubts. 



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