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Many of you have read about the debacle of the morning tea from hell. I said on Saturday that I would have needed to write an article as long as War and Peace to truly convey the emotion that charged the room at Redhead's home. 

One thing that struck me and I cannot get out of my head was her calendar. Yes, her calendar. A fundraising calendar above her office desk - where she taps the keyboard and writes emails, articles and orders her library books. It is her place of communication and engagement. Somewhere to stay in touch and skype with her many beloved friends and family. 

But her calendar was a subject of ridicule and insult. By her 14 year old Great Grand Daughter. Yes, you read that right. An 88 year old woman was told that she was a dirty old woman for having a calendar above her desk. What was it?

It was the 2020 Firefighters Association fund raising calendar .

I myself have the 2020 Firefighters Calendar. I love it. I chose the Wildlife version - Redhead chose the one with dogs. Handsome, fit and brave young men posing, for FUNDRAISING who put their lives in danger to protect us from the neglect of Green Activists who are against back burning and removing the fuel that stokes the fires.


Each 1st of the month, I eagerly turn the calendar, as does Redhead and we enjoy the frivolity of our young men who took their shirts off to bare their chests in order to raise money. It is not sexual. It is not dirty. It is, what we used to call, NORMAL.

Back in 2004, a movie was made about a group of older women who bared their bodies and souls to create a calendar to raise funds for leukemia research. It was not sexual. It was a cheeky way of fundraising. These firefighters baring their chests and celebrating the animals they save is commendable. And I, for one, have no problem having one of their calendars in my office and it matters not a jot what age I am. 


Why has everything become sexualised? WHY? 

An innocent calendar is verboten in an older woman's house? WHY? 

When my grand daughter, the one who sneered that her Great Grandmother had a Firefighters calendar in her home. was asked ( by me ) how you feel about the tragedy that befell Australia in last summer's bushfires all she could say was 

" Let it burn. If that is what it takes, that is what it takes. "

Well shame on you. Shame on you. It is not funny. It is not amusing. It is not something to trivialise and I am ashamed of you. 


This  MUST STOP. This declaration of being a lesbian and a green voter forever is a dangerous and frightening impost on our lives, our society and our democracy.

Yes, it is that serious.

My granddaughter said to me " when we get to vote, you will see what power we have. We will line you up against a wall. "

I responded by asking her " To shoot us? "

and she replied " if that is what it takes, then, that is what it takes. "

More buzz words, more phrases. More parroted rhetoric.

We have a serious problem folks. 

One of my favourite movies was " The Full Monty " a raunchy  little flick about some guys in Sheffield in England trying to make a buck. I recollect Redhead watching it with her young grandson who later told his mother that he was at " Granma's watching a movie about men taking their clothes off. " 

 download 2020 07 13T132906.575

Fortuntately, his Mum rang Redhead and got the full picture. The Mum subsequently watched it and decided it was not a bad watch. In fact it was funny.

A calendar is a calendar. It is something that marks the day of the week, the week in the year and the year that we are living. 

Having lived through this year, 2020, having seen the decay and the destruction that this year has brought, I would probably prefer to cancel 2020 and start again. 

But I know that this is not possible. Unlike the computer, I cannot press a reset button or return to factory settings. We are stuck with it. 

But if  these young brainwashed uneducated females are allowed to continue to propogate their seeds of contempt then I doubt that we have a hope in hell. 

 download 2020 07 13T133143.308

Still, I suppose, if they, like my grandaughter, declare themselves lesbian, then boys, run for the hills because you will be Mr December and the New Year will not be pretty for you. 

You will be the animal photographed with the naked female as an endangered species.

Because you are already are.... 

download 32

Scary? Yes. welcome to the calendar world of the modern world. 

Time to stand up boys. 









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