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Now I have seen and heard it all.   Volunteer firefighters need a “ Police Pass “ saying you are an upright citizen and you don't go around stealing or raping  innocent people.     After that dreadful comment from that woman Domestic violence advocate Sherele Moody  the other day about Firemen and domestic violence,  now to be labeled potential looters and  taking advantage of  someone left stranded by the  fire is beyond comprehension.    What are they trying to do.   These men have gone beyond duty , they have worked and put up with a situation that many of us couldn't even begin to understand.     That is how our Queensland Government  is saying thank you !! 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner, John Bolger told volunteers

'Any QFES volunteer who is required to have a Blue Card, but refuses to apply for one, or is unable to hold a current Blue Card, will not be able to continue their role,' Mr Bolger said.

'As a member of the Rural Fire Service, you are likely to come into contact with children while performing your role, so are required to have a Blue Card. It is the law.'

The volunteers have until 1st December to submit their applications.

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland boss, Justin Choveaux, doesn’t seem to happy either.

‘ They defend the state for free and do dangerous things. Getting rid of 75 per cent of the membership of the truck brigades is not a good plan,'

If I was one of the 15,000 odd volunteer firefighters  around Queensland, it would really upset me to be told to apply for a Blue Card that infers I could be a paedophile.

The timing is clever, isn’t it? In the middle of a dreadful bushfire season; hot on the heels of Sherele Moody’s comments The Queensland Government decide to insult them even further.


Is it possible that this is all about some sort of Labor move to get rid of volunteers so that only paid up union members can fight fires?

They tried to limit volunteer firefighters in Victoria by not allowing them anywhere near a burning building unless they had a “ professional : with them…..  so take heart, Queenslanders, next time there is a house on fire and there is no one “ trained “ on hand to dampen the flames, you’ ll know that your home and life is in a pile of burning embers because some idiots in Government were worried that the volunteers might do something awful to your children.    I despair.

  I have just finished watching the Outsiders , a Discussion Group on Sunday morning talking about the latest items of news.    They spoke about the debris underneath the trees in the Parks that once were gathered by people for firewood , now illegal because the Greenies felt the little insects liked the forest  floor  cover .   People are fined if they gather up this rubbish,  Farmers are fined if they just happen to have their fire break  a little wider than usual.

I hope the greenies have seen the latest photo of a poor little Koala with feet so burnt that they  have put the poor little fellow in a coma to treat his  dreadful burns  That little fellow is but one of hundreds  left to die   .    Have our "Friends of the Wildlife" seen any of these poor burnt creatures ???  No, they are too busy being awkward pests. Greenies indeed , go and look at some of  the burnt areas and see if that looks green.  


The time has come for the people to put a stop to all this stupidity and get rid of this  heartless Government , put someone in charge who will look after our wildlife , who will appreciate the work the Volunteer fire fighters do .

Not question their morality and behaviour and suggest that they need to be vetted.   A Blue Card indeed.  

We have just had some lovely rain ,  little kids were out  last evening playing in it and laughing,  enjoying  the cool feel of rain.   I bet our marvelous  Volunteers wouldn't have minded being home with their families and watching their kids play in the rain.   They would probably be out there with them  .   The majority of people appreciate what you do  , please don't take to heart the  insult of a Blue Card.     I have to say after being told that is a necessity it will be interesting to see how many apply after such an insult.

I say thank you , my neighbours say thankyou and I know  the rest of Australia say a very big thank you.


Foot note: The Queensland Government extended the deadline to March 31 2020. Around 14,000 had not applied. 

Says something, doesn't it? The insult was felt and resounded with a moral outrage that these brave people deserved to voice. 



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