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I just watched a thought provoking interview with Chris Smith on Channel 83 on Australian free to air network. He was talking about this problem we now face, where people around the world are frightened to come out of lockdown because they fear dying. He was interviewing Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed who suggested that many people these days have never confronted death and are frightened of it.  Tanveer said that many of us have never had death as part of our lives and, therefore, are ill equipped to handle it.

I found myself pressing pause on my TV and trying to consider what I just heard. It was one of those lightbulb moments. China is going to frighten us to death.

But more worryingly, they have just given us a glimpse into the future if we do not do as we are told. By China. And, if we do not do as we are told, China will kill us anyway. 

My eldest daughter was a Nurse before she moved on to her current profession as a Lecturer in Social Sciences. She confronted death every day in her work as a Nurse. My brother confronted death in his position as a Police Officer before he moved on and became a Health practitioner. 

My father who served with the Allied Forces in the Second World War and – as a youngster – during the Great Depression – confronted death in his long and abundant years on this place we call our home.  

The only death that I have ever confronted was my own when I had Cancer: the fear of my own mortality was beyond my comprehension. It simply did not compute and I found it difficult to comprehend that I might actually “ DIE “. Yet, when I was very, very unwell, I found myself understanding the concept of death as something that was final. And I did not like that idea at all.

I had and have so much to do before the end. I, quite frankly, refused to accept that idea and decided that I would do a Scarlet O’Hara and worry about it tomorrow.

After all tomorrow is another day

As the months passed, I did have to start considering that concept of finality. The fullstop. The end of the sentence. Not only the end of the sentence, but the end of the story. And I, no matter what the pain, did not want my story to stop.

I was thankfully spared the fullstop and have gone on to write many sentences since then. Some of little value to anyone except myself. But I am proud of every word and every thought and every idea that led me to this site And I have been a contributer since the beginning.

Getting back to the Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed interview, he seemed to believe that because so many of us around the world are so unfamiliar with death we have a heightened fear of death in comparison to our forebears. We have never laid our loved ones out. Never had them in our lounge rooms or “ parlours “ and never, as Grandma Mazour has done all her life, gazed down on those we once saw move who were now immobile and … well, dead.

 janet evanovich

It made me reflect on the death of my father some years ago. My Mum, Redhead, was off to see her beloved husband. My brother, the  ex cop was accompanying her. I was invited. I declined.

She said “ Are you sure ? “ I said “ Yes. I am sure “

They went off to see my late Dad and took photos of them with him. I could not look at the photos without shaking and having a meltdown.

My Dad was NOT that person in that …. Box… that coffin… that place that had a big label on it ( in my mind ) that said “ It is the ultimate fullstop – This is Death “.

I realise now that there are some of us who are not comfortable with death.

Yet I am not one of those who want to see us locked down forever because of fear of death.

I fear death.  I was confronted with it.

But do I fear the Chinese Flu? No. It is not Cancer. It is not a death sentence if treated with the appropriate drugs that are readily available: Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc.

Do I fear my Government or Global Governments, WHO and the UN? Yes. Do I fear the Chinese Communist Party? Yes. I do.

Do I fear it more than I fear Cancer? Well, yes, I do.


The Taboo of Death is now being used by China, the MSM and the leftie luvvies to frighten us to death.

Just wait until they send the real virus. Now, that will scare the hell out of me.

And mark my words, the REAL Virus is on its way. When it arrives, God help us because I fear no one else will.

We must shut the borders to China NOW. 

Or this Taboo of Death will become our REALITY and Cancer will be the the least of our problems. Death will cease to be taboo and become REALITY. 

China gave us a taste of what can come. President Trump knows this. This was the trial run. The taste test of the Future. This will be our Reality and the Taboo of Death will be our Reality unless we act now. 


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