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I read on social media today about a woman mourning the passing of her dog. I, of all people, know the pain associated with the loss of our fur babies. She expressed deep sadness at having to put her darling down. But this is where it just gets sinister, stupid and so distressing.

She had taken her " darling " to the vet to get tested for Covid and the test was positive. So she told the vet to kill her " beloved because it was a life or death situation for mommy " 

God, give me strength to endure this insanity! This moronic hysteria!




All I can say is that the poor dog is better off dead than living with a mentally deranged f##k wit - but wait, it gets worse. Three days later, the same woman posts a photo of a new" darling " because life was apparently intolerable without a dog by her side in these frightening times.

Can someone explain to me how people like her actually function in society???? 

What the hell induced her to get her dog tested for Covid in the first place? I mean, who does that? Who wakes up one morning and makes a conscious decision to take a perfectly healthy animal to a vet to get tested for the wuflu?


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Probably the same silly person who queues for hours to get tested for a virus when she is perfectly well and not feeling at all sick. 

I see these images online where hundreds of masked morons are standing in line to have a 6 inch cotton bud shoved up their nose or down their throats because they are so terrified of breathing. 

The same people who shriek at people on planes or in stores for not wearing a mask. 

It is almost as though ( or is that if - I have never been able to work out which is correct but Monty assures me that both are correct ) 80% of the population are suffering from some kind of mass hysteria. 

Most importantly, she is probably the same kind of person who would abort a baby because it was her body, her choice. 

Having had to watch my cat and companion pass away recently, the magnificent Miss Bridget , I simply cannot understand how ANYONE who has had the privilege of sharing life with a furry friend could be so utterly cruel as to destroy their life out of terror of a virus that has been shown to infect papaw and other fruits and vegetables. 


Speech from 14th May 2020. Magufuli said in a January 2021 speech: "Vaccinations are dangerous. If white people were able to come up with vaccinations, a vaccination for AIDS would have been found." He passed officially on 17 March 2021 or 10 March  from Covid or heart failure or something.... anyway, back to the article or artichoke or papaw or jackshit - sorry - jack fruit... 

The woman is bonkers and should never be allowed near an animal again. 

I also blame the vet. Was it the vet who thought it would be a great little money spinner to get delusional dipsticks to come in and pay for a test, then pay for the lethal injection, the burial or cremation and then arrange for a new friend to replace the old one, get the revenue from the vaccinations etc? 

It sounds to me like this Vet has got the gravy train down pat and is already planning his or her next vacation in Tahiti.

I just had a look at my potted plant. It looks a bit wilted. 

Maybe I need to whip down to the garden centre and get it tested. I was thinking it might need water but it could be covid.... Hell, I better get down there fast.

I might have to buy a new pot plant to replace it, should it prove to be ill. Only out of grief, you understand.

 My name is Shaydee and I think the world has lost its mind. 

And its heart.

And its soul. 

And its way. 




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