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It has been a bloody awful year. So many elephants in the room that people are breathless, stifled and choking on Political Correctness. I used to joke and say that, one day, they would tax our air if they could. Well, in 2020, they achieved their goal. They didn't tax it. They stole it

We are now expected to walk around like masked zombies from a B grade movie and be grateful to actually BREATHE.

I want to breathe and live without some interfering bastard from " THE GOVERNMENT " telling me how to live my life. But what is happening around the world right now is very much like that B Grade Zombie movie. And it is not going to be any better if that bitch Karmala steals the Whitehouse.

Old Joe is gone. His drug taking sexually weird son ( who he is so proud of ) has stuffed old Joe's chance of becoming a President in name only. Now the vultures are circling and the Camel in tow  Karmala Harris is set to take over and hairy legged, sniffy, sleepy Joe will be consigned to retirement with a big fat pay cheque from his foreign buddies and little Miss " I am  black, even though I am Jamaican and Indian and I couldn't even get through the Primaries " thinks she can move in to the Whitehouse and take over America for her little bully chum.

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As I read on twitter from a poster who calles himself Edwinsson, " China is that wealthy ugly child at school. Nobody’s friend, pinches the homework of others, lies to the teachers, shits in the playground. The quintessential bully."

Like all bullies, China manages to get weak and spineless kids to do the dirty work and man oh man China has some loyal, weak, spineless, greedy little turds to help take over.

The bully has buddies all over the world. Princess Xindy in New Zealand, True Dough from Canada ( who must have gotten a lot of dough for the betrayal of his own people ) Hairy Legs and Camel in tow in America; lots of luck Comrade Dan in Victoria Australia; Pluckaduck Premier of Queensland and countless others; the gang from the playground have all sucked up to China and gone " all in " for the Bully.

Which brings me back to 2020. 

Toilet paper became a currency. 

Overseas travel has been suspended unless you are rich enough to buy your way out of the rules.

You can't eat out or meet your mates unless you COMPLY with this new invention called " social distancing. " 

Masks are everywhere.

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In some places, people were and are being locked up as prisoners in their homes and fined and/or arrested for putting a rubbish bin outside of curfew. 


Prices of essential goods have skyrocketed.

Suicides have escalated and death by natural causes have plummeted.

Countries are going broke.

The entire western world is on fire. Bushfires are left to burn tracts of land in order to protect the environment.  Left wing mobs are swamping the streets to suppress the voices of " right wing facists. " The self same right wing facists who want a restoration of normality, human dignity, civil rights to be heard and the right to believe in God and Family and incidental things like "girls are girls and boys are boys. "

Elections are being stolen by machines that are programmed to steal votes and steal elections so that only Chinese sympathising Governments are in power.

Any attempt to stop the takeover is ruled a conspiracy theory. 

Children are being taught to be all embracing to pedophilia and to change their sex because their teacher or story time at the library told them so.


The President of the United States is the bad guy. Why? Because he believes that God is good; Patriotism is good; being a little child is one of life's great RIGHTS ( we grow up too fast ) and that , well, shut me down and call me a fascist, he believes that honouring your country, your flag and your parents is a good foundation for life.

He believes that honouring your Nation's Laws is a great foundation. Honouring your country's history of hard work and a fair day's pay for a fair day's work is honourable.

What makes me bloody sick of 2020?

It has to be that, unless Trump wins his RIGHTFUL re election, 2021 will be worse.

And, at the moment, I cannot begin to imagine anything worse than 2020.

If President Trump has to bring in the big guns and use the Insurrection Act, the Executive Order he signed, Military or Martial Law, I am all in.

Because, without it, our world is stuffed and the bully will KEEP control of the playground, the teachers and the curriculum. 

The bully already does have that control. Only Trump can wrestle that control back and give us some hope that 2021 will be a hell of a lot better than 2020.

If Trump does not win, as he so RIGHTFULLY did, 2020 will replay every year and we will all look back on the toilet paper shortages, mask mandates and lockdowns with fond memories.

" Do you remember when we used to be able to talk about what happened in 2020? "

And all you will hear is the scream of sirens, the screams from your children being taken from you and the media broadcast telling you that it is all for your own good.

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