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When people " walk for freedom " on protest marches, they are not walking JUST for their freedom to work and protect their jobs and families, no jab, no job; they are walking for the freedom of the next generation.
" How dare you want to work to feed your family or I am going to die? You are so selfish! We are all going to die if you do not get vaccinated!" 
" What selfish nasty horrible people these tradies are! How can they protest to fight for the right to feed their families and protect their children when my children will die because they will not get vaccinated! "
" What wicked, selfish nasty people! " 
So said some of the commenters on the live feed I watched from Melbourne when thousands of construction workers turned out to protest " my body my choice. " and " " no jab? no job " and " F$$k Dan Andrews " 
This comes after CFMEU boss John Setka tweeted out that he blamed ‘drunken fascist un-Australian morons’ for protesting outside CFMEU headquarters.

The large rally was there to protest against mandatory vaccination orders, demanding that Setka stand up for the rights and freedoms of workers.
What John Setka doesn't seem to understand is that that these are Australian parents and workers who have had a gutful of being denied the right to be parents, workers and free Australians.
It seems that it is fine to murder a baby that you do not want;  under the banner of " my body my choice" , but, if you are objecting to a thing that is being forced on you under the guise of being a vaccine it is " your body, no choice. "
 All these Construction Workers and Tradies want is to WORK. And have the RIGHT to work and to protect their family. And the RIGHT to choose if they get a vaccination. 
As one protestor said, " I am here for my kids and my right as a parent, to be a parent. My job is to look after my kids. It is not up to the government.  "
How true is that?
Many of us have written here on patriotrealm about our right, nay, our OBLIGATION, to cherish our loved ones and protect them from harm. We need to, instinctively, care for our families.
Even when they are 1 week old or 90 years old.
I read a very sad email a few days ago from a young 12 year old boy in Australia, in lockdown. He has been on home arrest for his " protection " for far too long. He is bored. He likened his city to living in a place that seemed rather strange, dystopian and disturbing, given it comes from a young Australian lad currently on school holidays.
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He said
Hi Grandma,

Yes, I guess you can call it a holiday but it feels more like an atomic bomb had hit town and the radiation is restricting us for our own safety, of course the radiation in this case is the government and the atomic bomb is Covid. We have to wear masks when we are outside and especially in stores because of the average 15-20 cases per day. I have been doing year 8 maths just to keep myself occupied, for example I have been doing simple quadratic equations which are something like this, 2 x (x) + 4 =18 and then you have to figure out what the value of x is.
The email went on, but you get my drift: what the hell are we doing to our children?
I am currently watching live coverage of what is happening in Melbourne. Not the MSM version... the real version.
It DISGUSTS me what is happening to Australia in the name of safety and it being all for own good. Men and women being threated with " no jab, no job. "
No wonder they are up in arms and angry and wanting to protest.

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Since my arrival in Australia in 1978, I have been largely PROUD to proclaim my Australian heart. My allegiance to this Nation that has given me and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so much.
Today? Not so much.
I am, quite frankly ashamed.
To see hard working, normal Aussie blokes and women, march in unity against their union and their government disturbs me. Not because they did it, but because they felt they HAD to do it.
Something has to give.
I am hoping it is not the WILL of the Australian People that is defeated in this horror show we call 2021.I am hoping that the WILL of the People is triumphant. To regain our freedom. The freedom to choose - our body, our choice. 
If we do not see these marches, these protests and these gatherings of Brothers in Arms, then we have nothing. Our country is gone.
I do not want a 12 year old Australian boy lamenting to his Grandma that he sees his city, his HOME, as a site of an atomic bomb.
After thinking about it a lot, this is not about OUR RIGHT to choose.
It is about OUR OBLIGATION to protect our children and let them grow up to be young, responsible, healthy Australians who will carry us, as a Nation, forward.
Our job is to protect the children and therefore protect our future generations.
So I applaud those marchers. I applaud the voice that our young ones NEED: to allow them to look back and say
" I grew up in a FREE Australia, my parents protected me and I want to be able to protect my Grandma for her right to be free. Just like she did me.  "
We will not have that if our spirit is crushed and our young people look back and say:
" Why didn't you stand up for me? "

Weep, get whipped or wake the hell up. It is up to us. 



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